St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and with it the frenzied search by party hosts everywhere for Irish-themed drinks. Well, call off the search party; we’ve got 12 green cocktails your guests will love.

No drink is more beloved on St. Patrick’s Day than green beer. Walk into any bar on March 17th, and they’ll likely be serving up this festive favorite. But where did the tradition come from and how do pubs get the beer to be that vibrant green color? Green-beer and other green-colored libations are likely related to another Irish tradition — adding a clover to your drink for good luck before an event, such as a game, race or other competition. If you wanted luck to be your lady, you would place a clover in your drink and toss it back, ingesting clover and all. Can’t find clover in your backyard so early in spring? Well, you could head on down to your local nursery and buy a few plants — and you may even get lucky enough to find a clover of the four leaf variety. Or you could garnish all your drinks with our jalapeño-infused tequila and DIY shamrock stir sticks.

To turn your beer a coveted vibrant shade of emerald, you need to start with a pale ale and add blue food coloring. That’s right, blue added to yellow is going to give you a more vibrant green than green added to yellow. If you don’t like the idea of adding food coloring, over at The Artisan Brew club they offer an all-natural method — adding Matcha to your beer.

Tea and beer; what could possibly be more Irish? Sláinte!

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(Photo via The Artisan Brew Club)