Seems like a good day for a little snooze, no? From turning our cheapie wayfarer-style sunnies into chic tortoise shell shades, discovering apps that make your Facebook news feed more beautiful, and giving the classic vodka watermelon a gourmet twist, this week was all about teaching old standbys new tricks. And today's BritList is no exception. We've got a table that fits in an envelope, an uber-modern first aid kit, and a gown made entirely of gummy bears. Enjoy!

Postable Table: First up, the table that fits in your mailbox! Postable is a dinner table, side table, or coffee table that folds up into an envelope. No more lugging that old cart table to the park for a bbq or running to Target at the last minute when you need an extra table at tonight's dinner party. Postable is described as being a modular system made of stainless steel – we're intrigued.

PicNYC Table: Next on the table circuit is the perfect picnic table for a city dwelling. This concept embraces the farm to table sentiment that's been running rampant as of late and takes it to the next level. It quite literally brings the farm to your table! We love the idea of combining this with the Nano garden to create a functional farm/garden on your kitchen table.

Duel Saving Bank: This darling bank turns savings into a game. For the individual, the two compartments can represent two things you're saving up for. Toss a few coins in each every day and see where you end up leaning. For the pair, this a great savings game to see who can get to a certain goal first. While a bank as small as this can't exactly help two people save up for a down payment on a house, the game aspect of savings is super appealing. Perhaps you could put a quarter in for every $250 you set aside if you're saving up for something big.

Ice Cream Lamp: You thought ice cream week was over right? Wrong! It's always ice cream week at Brit & Co. This lamp is great for an impromptu ice cream parlor or as a super sweet bedside light.

Pennant Party Box: Summer weddings means… summer photo booths! So fun. Photojojo's Pennant Party Box is a great addition to any photo booth and serves as solid inspiration for some DIY action.

Deep Fried Gadgets: First of all, no… these gadgets are not actually deep fried. Artist Henry Hargreaves recreated each product from foam core and then got to work with his deep fryer. Definitely gives the "I think my computer's fried" statement a whole new meaning.

Hoodie Pillow: Move over snuggie, there's a new ridiculous wearable in town. The hoodie pillow is a hood attached to a pillow that claims to provide all sorts of comfort one is missing out on. We're skeptical but had to share.

Watermelon Knife: A kitchen tool dedicated to the watermelon? We love it! This is practically essential when whipping up a batch of Cucumber Watermelon Shooters. Yum!

Best Made First Aid Kit: Does your first aid kit need an update? Do you even have one? Time to get one, and make it chic. This kit by Best Made includes everything you could possibly need and can be mounted on your wall as a piece of functional art. Win!

Rainbow Gummy Gown: As fashion shows tend to end with a wedding dress, so we end today's BritList with a gummy gown. A couture McQueen-inspired gown made of 50,000 gummy bears, actually.

Stumbled across any gadgets, gowns, or gummies we should know about? Leave us links in the comments below or find us on Twitter.