What is it the kids are calling it these days? Oh yeah, Fri-YAY! We’re reveling in a week of unseasonably summery weather here in San Francisco and hoping it will extend into this last weekend of June. Now, enough about the weather ;)

1. Insanely Amazing Perler Bead Art: That’s right. Those are perler beads, assembled in the most epic way we’ve ever seen by artist Lisa Haulrik. Feel like dabbling in your own modern take on perlers? We’ve got a kit for that.

2. Socks With Turkey Temple on Them: Yes, those are real. And they could be yours for the totally reasonable sum of $12. Created by @cavlife and @bakdrop using this hilarious shot from the Brit + Co archives, 40% of the profit from each sale goes to Cavalier Rescue USA. Can’t beat cute socks and a great cause!

3. Seinfeld Is Now on Hulu: And just like that, your weeknights are about to be filled with a show about nothing. (GIF h/t giphy)

4. The Lowline: Forget the Highline — pretty soon it’s going to be all about the lowline. This Kickstarter project aims to create an underground park featuring live plants and trees by making use of solar technology. The park will reside right below Delancey Street in a 107-year old former trolley station — untouched since 1948. So cool. Fun bonus fact: One of our imaginary BFFs Lena Dunham is a major fan of this project!

5. The Woman Behind One of the Most Famous Graphics of the ’90s: You know this pattern, but have you ever thought about the designer behind it? Well, turns out it was designed by a Sweetheart (the cup company) employee as part of a contest. And now, thanks to the power of Reddit, we all know who Gina Ekiss is! Click through to read the whole story — it’s pretty awesome.

6. Colorful Exteriors: How awesome is this colorful smattering of blocks?

7. Wearable Geometry: We need this twin set ASAP. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2016 for this stunner of a frock by Serbia-born designer Roksanda Ilincic.

8. Denim Sunglasses: These shades take the art of the Canadian tuxedo to the next level.

9. Notifly: This silly bubbling device sits on your desk and lets you know when you have a meeting by blowing a bubble! Created by IDEO NY, this doodad wants to turn your Mondays into — you guessed it — Mon-yays.

10. #HotDadsofWholeFoods: You’ve seen them, you’ve ogled at them, you might even be married to one. And now, they’ve got their own Instagram account.

Have a great weekend!