We officially delved into all things Halloween this week! From eyeball cake balls, to festive burlap banners, to pumpkin cider beertails, we are over the moon over October. Here are a few more spooky, festive, and inventive things we found along the way.

1. Haagen Dazs Moon Cake: We’ve got a thing for ice cream here, and we’re loving the look of these ice cream moon cakes, especially the orange one with crunchy chocolate at the bottom, salted caramel and lots of creamy ice cream.

2. Oru Origami Kayak: If you love the idea of throwing a kayak on the roof of your car and looking for uncharted waters, you’re going to swoon over the Oru. At only 25 pounds, you can throw it in your trunk, check it on a plane, and set it up in just 5 minutes.

3. Outdoor Tripod Fireplace: Looking to cozy up to an outdoor fireplace but don’t have the means to build a fire pit? The Tripee by AK47 is gorgeous, sleek, and reminiscent of more nomadic times as its super portable.

4. Canine Costumes: Last week we rounded up 25 dog costumes to make you LOL and, lucky for you, Fab has followed suit. We particularly love the Enchanted Princess, Queen of Hearts, and Buccaneer Pirate.

5. Wedding Phoneography: For most people, their phone is their primary photographic device. This couple took things to a new phoneography level by hiring a photographer to shoot their entire wedding on an iPhone, using only Instagram for filters and editing.

6. Party Pom Poms: We know it’s a little silly to toot our own DIY horn, but Brit + Co. contributor Jesi just sent us one more awesome party pom pom pic, and we had to share!

7. Insect Lollipops: Creepy and crawly! Unlike those novelty chocolate cockroaches you used to see at the register of stores like Spencer’s Gifts, these just look like bugs.

8. Fridge Locker: Work with a lot of people and want to protect your refrigerated goodies? You probably need a Fridge Locker. This little dude is sure to cause laughs, passive aggressiveness, and definitely a few uncomfortable conversations. (Wasn’t that vanilla frosting was for a work project?)

9. The Average Day Watch: Capturing a more playful approach to life, this timepiece maps out the path of an average person’s 24 hours, from sleeping and eating to work time and TV watching. Definitely interesting to see how much you break away from the typical path on a daily basis, and potentially inspiring (or depressing?) if you find that you’re on the same path as everyone else.

10. Nice Bass Trophy Head Costume: Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass? That weird fish that would talk to you when you walked by and was really popular in the late 90s and early 00s? Now you can BE Billy Bass! Kind of genius.

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As always, if you’ve got something BritList-worthy, be sure to leave us a note in the comments below. Happy Friday!