We all need options in our lives. If you had your eye on the iPhone 7 in its newest color just to be super disappointed to find out that everybody else also wanted the Jet Black, there’s a new rumor swirling around that could give you new hope.


According to a Japanese website, Apple is considering releasing a “Jet White” version of the phone that looks super sharp. The pure white color makes the iPhone 7 look like a gadget from outer space, and we want to get our hands on it ASAP.

However, here’s where we may have to burst your bubble: The site didn’t say when Apple would show off the new color and also said that the rumor came from possibly unreliable sources. So while there’s a chance we could walk around with beautiful white, we shouldn’t be counting on this as a guaranteed thing.

While we’re waiting to see if an all-white phone could ever be a possibility, maybe consider getting some white-out and painting over your phone? (NOTE: Please please please don’t do that to your phone. No matter how cool it would look.)

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(h/t MacRumors; photo via Apple)