City dwellers, camping fanatics, boaters and college students: this is for you! The Laundry POD is a new laundry machine that is small and portable, giving you the ability to clean your clothes wherever you are.

Apparently, the idea struck when RKS, the design firm who made the Laundry POD, discovered that many urban young women were washing their delicates in salad dispensers from their kitchens. (Kind of strange, but I see the vision.)

It can manage up to six garments, which isn’t much, but can save you if you’re in a rush to wash a few things and don’t want to run to the laundromat. I, for one, still remember washing clothes in a bathtub a few months ago while I was traveling for weeks on end in South America. This little gadget could also be a great in-room hotel amenity, serving customers that don’t have much to clean or who don’t want to spend a ton of money on laundry service.

The device is on sale now for $99.