Face it. In today’s world, the sky’s the limit for novelty products, and often the output rides a fine line between creative and crass. None more so than the 'interesting’ iPhone cases that keep, er, popping up. Phoneballs, anyone?

The latest hot (yes, hot) ticket is the Playa Case, a sleek iPhone protector that boasts a discrete storage compartment for condoms. Described as "super thin (we're talking about the case)," this is the ultimate iPhone accessory for bros, ballers, and playas alike.

In the charming video below, check out how one dashing young Australian has found that this handy phone cover puts the fun in functional.

While the video is certainly cheeky (anyone else find the mailbox scene to be a wee bit suggestive?), the concept is both simple & effective. Why risk your phone – and your health – when a clever product can help save both? Double protection, indeed.

Brought to you by the same folks who served up the Opena (beer bottle opener) Case, the Playa Case is not yet available for sale. Click here to sign up to be notified as soon as the Playa is officially available.

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