Somehow, some way, Halloween is just around the corner. Anyone else blink and miss most of 2016? While most of us are busy trying to perfect the final details of our Halloween costumes and come up with the best last-minute party ideas, others are taking things up a notch by calling for backup to help really make the most of the holiday. The good people at TaskRabbit, the company that basically lets you hire people to do your chores (#winning), shared with us some v. interesting data about what tasks people have and are having outsourced, as well as which states do Halloween the hardest.

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First things first, the 2015 data showed that San Francisco booked the most Halloween-related tasks, followed by New York City, which also likely partied the most, taking home the crown for most Halloween-related clean-up tasks booked. But DC sees NYC’s partying and takes it up a notch, likely being the best dressed, with the most costume-related tasks.

In addition to their state-by-state data, TaskRabbit also took a look at some of the craziest requests they saw come through for Halloween 2015, including these gems:

  • “Our company is throwing a big Halloween Party and we are looking for 10 men to dress up as Donald Trump. Would need you there at 9:15pm. Only for 1 hour. You would need to have a suit. We have the masks.”
  • “Need a Tasker to come fill up 150 test tubes with vodka (+red food coloring) for my big Halloween party tomorrow night.”
  • “Please come help make (very scary) carved pumpkins and then help me rapid-clean and hide them all. Mean cleaner.”
  • “Had a major Halloween party last night. Kitchen looks like a bomb went off, floor needs to be mopped, bathroom needs to be cleaned and mopped also. Small flat, big job!”
  • “I am looking for someone to hand out Halloween candy to trick or treaters during our party. Don’t want the neighbors hating us.”
  • “My wife asked me to set up Halloween decorations for our Halloween party tomorrow night… need help. ASAP.”

Let’s all hope that last request was fulfilled immediately for that man’s sake. And a few hilarious requests they’ve seen so far in 2016 include:

  • “My friends and I are being the Spice Girls for Halloween but Scary Spice backed out… We have the costume, just need someone to dress up!”
  • “Had a Halloween banger last night without my roommate knowing. Please come help take down decorations and clean. Want someone as early as possible… now?”
  • “I think I hired you for my last party — well, same group of idiots destroyed my apartment at my Halloween party last night. Please come help again!”
  • “Please buy the largest cauldron you can find at Party City.”

So fear not, procrastinators: Your last-minute (and unusual) Halloween needs are just a click away.

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