If you haven’t noticed, we’re on a huge Halloween kick here at Brit + Co. Each week we’re highlighting some of the most creative costume ideas we’ve found around the web. We kicked things off a couple weeks ago with creative pet costumes, then showcased our favorite handmade/DIY costumes last week. This week it’s all about couples costumes and we can’t get enough of them! Note that we’ve linked back to as many sources as we could find, but some did not have an original source. (See also: The 30 Best Baby Costumes!)

Enjoy the list and hope this will inspire you to get extra creative with your own costumes this year. Let us know what you’re planning to be in the comments below!

Sarah Palin + John McCain – As worn by myself and my then boyfriend, Dave, in 2008. Given the election spirit of this year, any political couple would work well for your own costume.

Axl + Slash – A classic shot of Brit + Co’s very own Anjelika Paranjpe and her beau. And yes, that’s a candy cigarette.

Twins – Massive size difference between the two of you? Go as Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger from the classic movie, Twins.

American Gothic – Beware of the fact that you basically don’t have hands to hold anything all night. But it’s still totally amazing.

Wenda + Waldo – No one can miss you in the Wenda and Waldo costume… or can they? ;)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Dr. Seuss would be proud of this DIY creation spotted on Pajama City.

Super Mario Brothers – We love this DIY costume! So easy. Going as a threesome? Add a princess!

Bun in the Oven – Perfect for expecting parents!

Mac + PC – Such an easy costume to replicate; one wears a hoodie and jeans, one wears a suit.

Hawaiian Punch – A boxer and a hula girl. Get it!?

Brangelina – This couple needs to add a few more baby dolls to really nail it. But it’s still pretty rad.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter. Amazing. Gotta love the digital generation.

Earbuds – If you do this one, make sure to use the new design!

Salt and Pepper – Or you could always say you’re Salt ‘n Peppa if you’re a child of the early 90s ;)

Mary Poppins and Bert – We featured this one last week and still love it. Plus you can likely use clothes you already have!

Boobs – So awkward, but so hilarious. Also an easy DIY – just add beach balls and t-shirts.

Tooth and tooth fairy – Designed by Julie Ann Art, this is dentist and orthodontist approved.

Sandy and Danny from Grease – Warning: you must learn the Grease Lightning dance to wear this costume.

Princess Kate and Prince William – Beware, we predict a lot of couples will go as Will and Kate this year.

Peanut Butter and Jelly – If you haven’t noticed, we love peanut butter.

Copy + Paste – The computer nerd in me loves these. Make these tees on your own or buy from Cafe Press.

Beer Pong – An adult drinking game in a costume. Wow.

Nerds – Great pun for the geek couples out there.

Al Gore and Global Warming – The perfect match.

Ken & Barbie – Because every girl has always wanted to be Barbie for a day.