We love using Facebook to stay connected over the holidays — especially when that means sharing cute family pics and bragging about our stunning Christmas cookies (it’s okay; we all do it). But this year, the Facebook festivities aren’t just for the adults. Thanks to a new chatbot by Ben Parr’s new company, Octane AI, you and your kiddos can strike up a candid convo with Santa himself via Facebook Messenger.


Because Santa is busy prepping for his biggest day of the year, SantaBot makes it easy to chat with him on the go. Parents or kiddos with access to Facebook can log on to the Facebook Page and simply use Messenger to chat with Saint Nick. The bot will ask your kid questions including their name, age, if they’ve been good and what they want for Christmas in order to help them create their very own wish list.


Taking Santa into the techy world, you can just imagine Saint Nick’s phone buzzing with each chat he gets from a new boy or girl (can you imagine using this when you were a kid for last-minute wish list adjustments? Genius!). But, of course, that’s not all the chatbot does. Just like magic, the information your kiddo enters will be printed out and snail mailed to the real USPS Santa North Pole address too. You can also use it to track Santa on Google Santa Tracker, watch cool Santa videos and even have him recite a Christmas story to you every few days.


Basically, you can say goodbye to bored and bratty toddlers — moms everywhere now have a direct line to Santa right in their pockets. Happy holidays, everyone!

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(Photos via Octane AI and Getty)