Although we’re not quite at the level of Smart House yet, our homes are getting smarter all the time. But one new Kickstarter wants to turn our walls, counters and shelves into super-smart, vibration-sensitive remote controls. The campaign just reached the $1 million mark on Kickstarter — amassing almost 30 times its original $35,000 goal — and could soon be in the homes of over 7,000 backers.


Knocki is kind of like the ultimate reincarnation of those clap on/clap off lamps. The device attaches to any flat surface and senses vibrations when you knock against it. Each pattern is recorded as a certain command and, via WiFi, Knocki can perform functions like starting the coffee pot, sending texts and adjusting the temperature of your home.


We personally love the ability to tap on a counter to set off the “Find my iPhone alert” (seriously, a game-changer) and its inclusivity of those with mobility or vision impairments.


But the greatest thing about Knocki is that it doesn’t require a Smarthome set-up, so it’s a perfect first step for newbies looking to tech out their homes. But for those who do have Smarthome technology enabled, the device pairs with Amazon Alexa, Nest and Sonos to make your home a thing of the future.

The only rewards Knocki has left start at $79 on Kickstarter, but the price will increase as more are pre-sold, so we suggest jumping on this now. Watch below to see more of what Knocki can do.

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(Photos via Knocki)