Disney fans everywhere rejoiced today as the live-action version of one of the company鈥檚 most beloved classics, Beauty and the Beast, hit theaters for the first time. The movie鈥檚 lead, Emma Watson, is likely smiling, as well 鈥斅爊ot only will fans finally be able to see her as Belle, with her聽singing voice proudly on display, but the actress also stands to make a boatload from the movie鈥檚 profits.

Though she was paid an already-impressive $3 million up front, the former Harry Potter star (who invited the cast to her premieres) will likely also earn a cut of the film鈥檚 profits, and, if they match up to Disney鈥檚聽Maleficent鈥檚 figures, as they鈥檙e fully expected to do (the film grossed $759 million worldwide in 2014), she could reportedly increase that sum by as much as $12 million. For those of you doing the math, that鈥檚 a total potential payday of $15 million. Yowza!

It鈥檚 a number that would certainly put the 26-year-old on par with the list of the 10 highest paid actresses of 2016, which spanned a range of $10-$46 million (dayum, Jennifer Lawrence!).

Considering that Beast is set to make $120-$140 million in its first weekend alone, we鈥檇 say Watson鈥檚 off to a pretty good start.

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(h/t Marie Claire, photos via Jeff Spicer + Mike Coppola)