If you’re like us, then you have a soft spot for Disney’s 1991 masterpiece Beauty and the Beast and are just a teeny tiny bit excited (read: jumping out of our seats ready) to see the live-action reboot. It’s romantic, beautiful, and enchanting (and quite literally enchanted). Here are six reasons why we can’t wait to be their guest.


1. Emma Watson can really sing. We knew she could act (Hermione 4ever), we knew she could think (hey there, Brown graduate), but did you know that Emma Watson can sing (like really sing)? At first, we were a wee bit concerned about the casting choice when Emma first announced it on Twitter saying, “My six-year-old self is on the ceiling — heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons.” But thanks to her natural talent and the training, she was totally prepared to belt out all those songs we know and love.

Beauty and the Beast

2. You’ll forget it’s an all-star cast. There are some major A-listers in this flick, but they’re so disguised in both their voice style and their objects-based bods that it’s hard to tell or even remember that you’re hearing the voices of Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci, and more. Make sure to stay for the credits, and you’ll be reminded of who played who.


3. It’s totally old-school beauty. If you loved the original, then you’ll be soooo into this new version. Director Bill Condon (Chicago, Dreamgirls, Gods and Monsters) took elements of the beloved classic and gave it a new voice: Belle’s even brainier, the castle is grander, the town is smaller, and ohhhh, last but not least, the whole thing is in awesomely epic live-action.

4. There’s new music. Those total earworm-worthy tunes by music master Alan Menkin are back (“Belle,” “Gaston,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Something There,” among others), with a few modern tweaks. In this new version, we are gifted with three new tunes by Menkin with the help of The Lion King composer Tim Rice. Plus, there’s an additional version of “Beauty and the Beast” by uber-stars Ariana Grande and John Legend. The new songs might seem, at first, a bit out of context if you know the classic songs by heart, but thankfully, they totally work.

Beauty and the Beast

5. There’s a diverse cast. There’s been much ado and pearl grasping about LeFou being gay. But really, if you’ve seen the original, then you already know he had a great big thing for Gaston. There’s nothing new there. What is new is the racially diverse supporting cast, including the ever talented Audra McDonald and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, which makes the film even more beautiful.

6. Two hours and nine minutes goes fast. The original animated version clocks in at 83 minutes, whereas this reimagined version takes 129 minutes for the tale to be told. And you know what? We’re not mad. Those two hours plus a few goes fast, really fast. We could have stayed in that enchanted and wonderful world for hours more.

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(Photos via Walt Disney Studios)