If you thought it was crazy to be able to take calls from your wrist like you’re James Bond, taking calls with your finger will totally blow your mind. Sgnl ($99+) is a new smart band that channels your phone calls through your hand, up your finger and to your ear, and it’s currently on Kickstarter!


You might think that this requires some crazy new technology, but it’s really just vibrations traveling up your body. Since this is how we already perceive sound — vibrations in the air — there’s no risk of harm to you. Once the vibrations reach your ear, they echo to create a louder sound. This is how you hear your calls.

Even more impressive is Sgnl’s ability to cancel noise around you. And if you’re worried about privacy, don’t be — your calls with bae will not be audible to others. Sgnl can work as a stand-alone smart band, but is also designed to play nice with many different smart watches. So if taking a call with your Apple Watch isn’t cool enough, consider combining it with the Sgnl band for the ultimate upgrade.

Sgnl has already reached $840,869 in funding on Kickstarter, well over their original $50,000 goal with 4919 backers — but there are still 21 days left to go. Save some coolness for us!

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(Photos via Sgnl)