We love all of the creative ways you can have avocado on toast (natch); we adore avocado as a replacement for mayo and we鈥檙e simply drooling over quick and easy stuffed avocado recipes. We鈥檒l even indulge in an avocado margarita and incorporate avocados into our beauty routine. That鈥檚 why we鈥檒l take any trick to pick the perfect avocado every time, and this one tiny thing will help you do just that.

woman with avocado

Reddit user q0__0p was kind enough to share a pic of the super simple, super helpful stickers that New Zealand grocer Freshmax uses to help shoppers choose an avocado that鈥檚 at the perfect point of ripeness for their particulars needs or tastes. Nope, this isn鈥檛 the squeeze test or the stem flick trick, it鈥檚 something new (at least to us) and very cool.

avocado sticker

Showing three colors that an avocado can be, the first light green one gives foodies a peek at an unripe stage, then a darker green which shows what a 鈥渇irm ripe鈥 avocado will look like, and finally, the darkest green shows a 鈥渟oft ripe鈥 avocado. Allowing us to easily compare the pics to the fruit (yep, it鈥檚 a fruit), we can see that the avocado in the pic is 鈥渟oft ripe.鈥

Again: So simple! So helpful!

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(h/t Pure Wow; photos via Dimitri Otis/Getty, q0__0p/Reddit)