Addicted to avocado? We feel ya. This green superfood is like nature’s buttah, which is why we’ve decided to rub it all over our bodies. The beauty benefits of this tasty, fatty fruit (well, berry, to be exact) are many, including sun protection (avocado oil is SPF 7), hydration and anti-aging properties. It may be used as a scar treatment to help lighten age spots and reduce hyper-pigmentation, and there’ve even been a few studies that show avocado helping soothe inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Here are a few ways to incorporate some green into your beauty routine.

1. Avocado Honey Mask: Avocado contains sterolins, which are natural steroids that may boost collagen production and treat age spots. This 2-ingredient concoction will brighten your complexion in just 15 minutes. (via Brit + Co)

2. Juara Avocado Banana Moisture Mask ($35): This Juara mask adds banana into the mix. Banana contains some potent minerals (Vitamins A, B, E and K) that work in tandem with the avocado.

3. Homemade Avocado Soap: Silky, creamy avocado creates a nourishing, soft, and surprisingly sudsy lather for sensitive skin. This might be one to try out if you’re challenged with eczema, psoriasis or persistent dry skin. (via Soap Recipes 101)

4. Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment ($12): Nettles and rosemary add some extra flavor, so to speak, to this natural and affordable conditioning treatment.

5. Winter Face Mask: No need to wait until it starts snowing to try this uber-moisturizing mask made with avocado, honey, yogurt and cucumber. (via Babble)

6. Bobbi Brown ‘Beach’ Body Oil ($32): Infused with Bobbi Brown’s best-selling fragrance, this moisturizer contains four essential oils (olive, sesame, avocado and jojoba) and vitamins to nourish skin. Definitely a must for your next trip to the beach.

7. Sweet Avocado Face Mask: This green oatmeal mask will naturally exfoliate and refresh your face. Just remember not to eat it! (via Nutrition Stripped)

8. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado ($28.50): If you’re constantly crying after your eye creams work their way into your eyeballs, don’t fret. Kiehl’s promises that this natural eye balm will stay put.

9. DIY Dry Hair Mask: Avocado, egg yolks and olive oil come together to create this awesomely rich hair treatment. The omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just good for your cholesterol — they are good for your split ends, too. (via The Chic Site)

10. LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser ($13): Black sugar and charcoal in this preservative-free formula gently exfoliate and absorb excess oil. The rhassoul mud base cleans deep and the vitamin-rich cold pressed avocado oil is heavenly hydrating.

11. DIY Coconut-Avocado Hair Mask: This easy hair mask is probably going to help tame those locks of yours, and the bonus sugar body scrub recipe is a keeper for gentle exfoliation. (via Simply Happenstance)

12. Chocolate Avocado Mask: Be careful while applying this mask around animals, small children or other adults… because everyone will want to lick it off your face. It’s made with coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado, cocoa powder and yogurt. (via The Diva Dish)

13. Makeup Remover: Avocado is one of the most effective all-natural makeup removers. Run a Q-tip along a freshly cut avocado to pick up a bit of oil with a Q-tip (you don’t need a green chunk) and those raccoon eyes of yours don’t stand a chance! (via Beauty Bets)

14. Avocado + Blood Orange Olive Oil Hair Mask: This is gonna smell so good! LC’s team came up with a few natural ways (including this fab mask for the ends of your locks) to pamper yourself and relieve stress during the holiday season and beyond. (via Lauren Conrad)

15. Clean Living Face Mask: Midwestern lifestyle blogger Kinsey Mhire’s makes mason jars look so good! (via Sincerely Kinsey)

16. Homemade Avocado Beeswax Hand Salve: Chapped hands happen to us every winter, but now that we’ve found this recipe, we’re hopeful. This DIY salve is made with avocado, beeswax and two energizing essential oils (bitter orange and grapefruit). (via Local Kitchen Blog)

17. Rosemary Avocado Hair Mask: Not to spoil the surprise, but if you’re an Aveda addict you’re gonna like this one (rosemary essential oil is one of the main ingredients in their signature scent). This conditioner has that refreshing herbal zing that balances the rich avocado and coconut oils. (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)

Gettin’ green with your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments!