We鈥檙e still in the very early days of Donald Trump鈥檚 presidency, and there鈥檚 not only been a firestorm around his policies, but also surrounding his famous fam. While Ivanka is facing major retailers dropping her brand and Melania is involved in an eyebrow-raising lawsuit, they can certainly handle themselves when it comes to biz, even when that biz hits a bump.

But now, the personal attacks have seriously crossed a line. The entire Trump family has been the subject of scrutiny, with even young Barron Trump becoming a target, and we鈥檝e discussed before the problems in choosing the wrong targets for Trump-directed criticism. It鈥檚 especially dicey to criticize the women in Trump鈥檚 circle for reasons that aren鈥檛 related to policy-related actions 鈥 criticizing, for example, Kellyanne Conway on her appearance or slut-shaming Melania Trump. But apparently, some still didn鈥檛 get the message.

Melania Trump

Model and activist Emily Ratajkowski took to Twitter on Monday to first share an upsetting encounter she鈥檇 had the night before while at the Grammys.

Calling out the BS behavior in no uncertain terms, folks were quick to applaud Emily鈥檚 stance, including the FLOTUS herself.

While that may have been the end of it, the New York Times writer mentioned in Emily鈥檚 tweet, features writer Jacob Bernstein, came forward to offer an apology.

Though, TBH, it sounds more like he鈥檚 trying to get out of trouble with his bosses than realizing and admitting why his comment was so problematic, and that second tweet sounds like he鈥檚 mad at Emily for calling him out in the first place. It鈥檚 wild to think that we have to keep reminding people, but here we are again. Slut-shaming, body-shaming (and just being-a-jerk-and-shaming) is NOT okay. If you have problems with someone鈥檚 political ideology or policies they鈥檙e involved in, stick to that 鈥 it鈥檚 a more constructive form of criticism that isn鈥檛 punching down. And remember (let鈥檚 just keep saying it): We鈥檙e stronger together.

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