Rainbow hair trends have been inspired by a lot more than just rainbows lately. Mix the seven streaks of color with the classic ombré technique and you have colombre. Paint on softer, almost-iridescent hues like those of a gemstone and you have opal hair. But it seems the newest ways to technicolor your tresses are based on of your favorite childhood DIYs. First, there was sand art hair, where bold colors blend seamlessly into layers of color just like the craft. Now, hair colorists are using *tie-dye* to take your hair game to the next level. As you’d expect, the results range from totally trippy to straight-up magical.


This look is definitely not for the faint of heart — big swirls of fluorescent colors make a pretty bold statement reminiscent of your favorite Lisa Frank buys. In other words, this is a ’90s girl’s dream — that is, if you have lighter hair (sorry, brunettes, light blonde hair is needed to achieve the required level of color saturation).


Hair-stylist extraordinaire DJ Victory has perfected the tie-dye technique that gives the signature swirl effect. From the photo above, it looks like she squirts different colors of dye straight onto the hair on foil to create those psychedelic patterns that look like something straight out of Miley Cyrus’ style book, but can also look super pretty and delicate when loosely braided. Check out some of the pics below — and her Instagram page — for serious inspo/hair envy.


Loving this look? If you’re feeling nostalgic and ready to rock this adventurous style (maybe along with a tee or two), take a peek at Louisiana-based stylist Rickey Zito’s tutorial, but don’t try this at home. If you ask us, it’s best you leave this DIY up to the pros.


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(Photos via @djvictory)