Us 21st century peeps have a lot on our plates. And no, we aren’t talking about balancing being a #girlboss, having a social life and filling your Pokemon GO Pokedex. We’re referring to social media and having to keep feeding all of the beasts (networks) that you’re on. The key to becoming a social media star is exposure, and there’s no better way to do that than to share your content cross-platforms. So, because you’ve got more important things to be doing than taking time to post your pics to every form of social media, we’ve got one quick trick that will link them all up together.


Go to your profile page on Instagram and click the settings gear in the top right corner. Then scroll down and select “Linked Accounts.” Follow the steps and grant access to every network you’re on.


The next time you post something on IG, the linked networks will appear on that final screen before you share. Highlight the networks you want and your photo will be automatically shared to every social media account you want.

Now just get ready for a big uptick in your like count and a few more precious minutes of free time.

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(Featured image via Instagram)