Question time! Would you rather have a year full of the best sex and most fulfilling relationship ever or a year where you could eat anything you want and not have any adverse effects on your health or weight but no sex? We don’t know about you, but for us the food wins every single time. It’s not that we don’t like dating. We love dating. We love dating apps that match you by sign, we love obsessing over the perfect outfit, we even love the rush of date number one. But we just really really love food.

Three Boston friends share our obsession and decided to create a new food app inspired by Tinder. According to, Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani and David Blumenfield were college buddies who always enjoyed cooking together. They created Tender (get it?), an app that lets you swipe through the internet’s treasure trove of food porn.

tender app

Think of it like Pinterest with swiping. You see a recipe you like on Tender? Just a quick right swipe and it’s added to a custom cookbook. Don’t like a recipe? Left swipe like you would on a guy with a neck beard.

The creators say they hope that seeing so many options in one place will make users try food outside of their comfort zones. You can also set filters so you can see only certain types of recipes (desserts or breakfast items, for example) to really refine your searching.

tender app

Tender is free and available for iOS and Android. In the meantime, check out all of our cool recipes here and take a well-deserved food porn break.

What food will you always swipe right on no matter what? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t, photos via Tender)