Three months after making it Facebook official with your S.O., you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. And it even has you thinking about traveling to a rom-com-inspired destination together. Taking a trip with your new boo is a great way to get to know each other, explore new places together, and grow your relationship. But before you start your travel blog and pack a carry-on suitcase, it’s worth taking a step back to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Here are five stellar tips for getting the most of out of your vacay with your new love.

1. Talk about how you’ll handle conflict. No matter how relaxing your destination is, travel is inherently stressful — and sometimes, it’s the kind of stressful that causes arguments in the heat of the moment. Be proactive and anticipate these potential points of tension by taking a moment to discuss the ways you handle stress ahead of time. That way, no travel mishap will spoil the mood!

2. Overplan. Speaking of travel stress, take every step you can to minimize it ahead of time. Printed itineraries can totally come in handy — especially when, say, you’re in the middle of Austria with no cell service and you have a bus to catch.

3. Capitalize on shared interests. You’re dating the person you’re dating because you have things in common — whether that’s your taste in music or food or love of the same sport. No matter what your commonalities are, use them to your advantage while on vacation together. If, for example, you both love soccer, try to find a game you can go to while visiting a new city.

4. Leave plenty of room for spontaneity. We’re looking at you, fellow Type-A people. If your instinct is to plan, plan, plan (which is a great thing!), be sure to plan for some spontaneity. If every moment of your day is filled with tours and pre-arranged activities, you’ll miss out on those magical moments that surprise you, like finding a great hole-in-the-wall restaurant or stumbling upon a gorgeous hidden garden.

5. Unplug. Social media is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have an almost insatiable urge to document all of the wonderful things you’re seeing and doing together. On the other hand, having your phone out is a constant impediment to enjoying those things. So here’s a pro-tip: When you get to a destination — whether it’s a restaurant or a concert — take a moment to take in the scenery. Snap a picture, then put your phone away for the rest of the time. That way, you can share your memories with friends and family members after the vacation but also keep some special moments for just the two of you. And that’s why you went away in the first place, isn’t it?!

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