Feeling like you have “nothing to wear?” Wishing you had a personal stylist to open your eyes to new possibilities? On a whim, this mom decided to ask her toddler what she should wear. The look was so adorable she hired him for the week. Along with being mom to two adorable little guys, Rockwell and Phoenix, Summer Bellessa is an actress, former model and co-founder of The Girls With Glasses Show, so she is no stranger to fashion. She decided that instead of being the one to dress everybody, she’d let Rockwell tell her what to do for a change. Not only was it a fun bonding experience, but she also learned a few things from her tiny fashionista.


Day 1: The week started with a Bob Dylan tee, gray skirt and tights. All a great look until little Rockwell insisted on a pair of nude heels. When she asked if he was sure, he nodded seriously and added the blue hoodie.


Day 2: In an unplanned homage to Minnie Mouse, polka dotted leggings were paired with a vintage Mickey shirt. Even though she wouldn’t have worn this outfit with the gold flats, Bellessa said this was her favorite outfit.


Day 3: This outfit started with the socks. Rockwell liked the flower pattern on them and of course had to choose a dress with a “matching” flower pattern. Feeling a little self conscious, Bellessa was expecting some weird looks while she ran errands but instead she got a compliment on her socks.


Day 4: Can you believe a toddler picked out this ensemble? We love the look of the graphic tee layered over a striped shirt. We might choose shoes that matched though.


Day 5: The last day Rockwell picked out a shirt that had an arrow pattern. After spending several minutes looking for pants with arrows, he settled for jeans, but not after seriously suggesting to his mom that she get some pants with arrows on them.


In a blog post for Babble, Bellessa said the whole experience was almost therapeutic. Switching roles and letting her son tell her what to do was a fun way to let Rockwell feel like his opinion was important to her. She also said that wearing these slightly eclectic looks made her realize how little people actually care about what you’re wearing. We put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves to look “perfect,” when in reality you can be as playful and stylish as you want — it’s up to you. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun and get silly with your outfits. It’s just fashion, after all. And if you’re brave enough to hand your closet over to your little one for a day, don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos #ToddlerStylist.

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(feature image via @SummerBellessa)