Sometimes it seems like Trader Joe’s should open its own catering biz. First, they’ve got your back with boozy budget wines to fuel every kind of gathering, from weekly game nights to full-on parties. When you’ve got a super-special occasion and need bubbly for the toasts, it’s TJs to the rescue again, with affordable Champagnes. But when it comes to food, TJs really shines, with an offering of instant party appetizers that make hostessing a breeze. Here’s a look at some Trader Joe’s apps so good, your friends will think you hired a caterer.

Meaty Appetizers


No tummy rumbling allowed at this bash. Sure, chips and dips are delish, but they only fuel a body so far. If you want to keep your crowd happy and dancing into the wee hours, serve some hearty appetizers to feed the fun-making. Who doesn’t love wings and meatballs, except maybe the hostess who was toiling over a hot stove. And that won’t be you, so long as TJs is around. If you’ve got a microwave and toaster oven, your place just became party central.

Cheesy Appetizers


TJs cheesy apps are some of their best. Choose from an array of flat breads and pizzas. Cut them up bite size as they come hot out of the oven. The mac ‘n’ cheese bites, fried mozzarella, and arancini balls are everyone’s faves. You should buy them in bulk, because they’re going to go *fast.*

Veggie Appetizers


This one’s for the vegetable lovers in the house! If your veggie peeps haven’t tried TJ’s tempura cauliflower, prepare them to meet their new addiction. Greek spinach pastries and gyoza pot stickers are always a crowd pleaser, but the real star of the show will be the creamy spinach and artichoke dip. It tastes just like the real deal — but without any mess and fuss. And what do all these TJs party apps have in common? You just open, heat, eat and repeat.

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(Photos via Trader Joe’s)