When it comes to that not-winter, not-quite-spring transitional period, we have a few key beauty treatments in our spring skincare arsenal to keep our mugs hydrated and dewy fresh. And just like our skin, our hair deserves to be protected just as much from the lingering dry, cold temps and impending frizz-fest that is April showers. While we all love a good coconut oil treatment to cover our hair from root to tip, styling our hair into a chic braid is another great way to keep it out of harm’s way — and it always looks good, whether you’re looking for an easy brunch hairstyle or just some braided hairstyle ideas you’ve never seen before. This season, shield your hair from Mother Nature’s curveballs with some fun, whimsical braids, just like these 10 Instababes.


1. Classic Milkmaid: Brynn loves keeping her look sweet and innocent (and positively rain-proof) with these milkmaid braids. Thankfully, she shows us how to recreate this fun braid on her YouTube channel. Can we get an amen?! (Photo via @brynnelliottwatkins)


2. Double Trouble: Grasie is not only killing it in the style department, but her hair is straight-up gorgeous. Without a stray strand in sight, her braids are tight, stylish and fierce, just like her fun, color block furry coat. (Photo via @grasiemercedes)


3. Fun ‘n’ Flirty: We thought Sam was the sweetest girl in the Insta-universe, but her hair might take the cake. With a cute milkmaid braid and a poppy red lip, Sam is truly ready for that first warm-weather date night. (Photo via @aww.sam)


4. Inside Out: This braid is perfect for any season. While it looks fabulous on its own, try to incorporate a piece of ribbon throughout to add a little bit of color to an already fun, textured style. (Photo via @thebeautydept)


5. Anytime Style: This hairstyle has warrior princess written all over it. Triple braids intertwine with each other and lay elegantly at the nape of her neck. Wear this style during your next workout routine to really kick some ass without worrying about your ‘do, then hit up your best gals for brunch. (Photo via @naptural85)


6. Twist ‘n’ Go: If you have to run out the door, like, minus two minutes ago but don’t want to risk a frizz attack, try twisting it on both sides and finishing with a rope braid. You’ll look instantly put-together, and you’ll have amazing curls once it dries. (Photo via @intothegloss)

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.07.40 AM

7. Lazy Plait: Messy hair = fun braids. Leave perfection at the door when it comes to this style; the more pieces that peek out, the better. Just add a beanie on top and your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans for a quintessential #lazygirl look. (Photo via @neekmason)


8. Tres Chic: If you know how to French braid, this party-in-the-back look is calling your name. After braiding, elevate the look by teasing the top with a fine-tooth comb. (Photo via @byrdiebeauty)


9. Wear Anywhere: Nothing is more versatile than these schoolgirl Dutch braids. Curl up in a cozy turtleneck sweater and a cup of hot cocoa (or, when it’s really spring, a sundress and a glass of lemonade!), and you’re set for whatever the day may bring. (Photo via @inhonorofdesign)

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.07.20 AM

10. Bang Bang: While we usually look to Christina for style inspo, it’s hard not to swoon over her thick, dark hair, especially when it looks this cute with her heavy bangs and crown braid. Whether you’re layered up or picnicking in the park, this one’s a winner. (Photo via @newdarlings)

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