Babies. They seem to simultaneously make our lives much richer and more meaningful, while also making day-to-day activities like, three times as difficult. Traveling with baby? We get it — though still incredibly satisfying, that once blissful vacation isn’t exactly the same source of relaxation as it used to be. But if you plan for it, you won’t need to dread the transit with little ones in tow. Today we’re teaming up with JOHNSON’S® to share 10 of our go-to tips to keep babies, toddlers and li’l kids happy for the whole journey. That means the guy in seat 25C will also be happy, which is a win in our book ;)


1. Cleansing cloths, because you’re nowhere near a bathtub: Messes happen. Be armed and ready for any spill with a pack of the new JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby cleansing cloths — these soft, thick cloths are 2x bigger than JOHNSON’S® baby hand & face wipes and designed to give baby an easy, all-over cleaning (no water necessary). That means no more pseudo-baths in the plane bathroom — hooray!

2. Have a constant stash of mess-free snacks: A hangry kiddo is the last thing you want to attend to while en route. Stow crumb-free foods like sliced apples, nutrition bars and string cheese in your travel bag. Oh, and don’t forget that spill-proof water bottle!


3. Get them excited about the mode of transportation: Before your trip, teach your little one all about the way you’ll be traveling — take them to a train museum, read books about boats and buses, gift them little cars to play with, the works. With any luck they’ll be so excited for the real thing that there will be fewer fusses in transit.

4. Pack a “Busy Bag”: Trust us, there will be moments when you just need a break. When this happens, reach for a busy bag to keep the kiddo ocupado. Our favorite busy bag ideas include popsicle stick puzzles, building blocks and coloring pages (plus crayons).


5. Have a kiddie playlist at the ready: Make a kiddie playlist for them to listen to when they need some down time or get them engaged in an audiobook to pass the time. That means quiet time for them (and you!).

6. Debut a special toy for the ride: — and maybe save it for when the novelty of the ride wears off. Though calling out passing trucks, fire engines and cop cars can be fun for awhile, it’s likely your kids will get tired of car games after a bit. When their attention span is at its tipping point, reveal a toy that will re-animate them and keep them happy for the next leg of your trip.

7. If there’s a pit stop, let them run around: This one’s a no-brainer: Let your little one get their wiggles out when they can. There’s nothing like good ol’ physical exertion to tucker out a kiddo! Hopefully it will lead to less squirming en route too.


8. When in doubt, reach for that pacifier! Pacifier + baby blanket = instant nap time for our little guys. The movement of a car, train or airplane so often will rock your baby to sleep. Take advantage of this and let your little one catch some zzz’s.

9. Pay attention to the temperature: Keeping baby comfy in the heat of summer can be tricky. When you’re out and about, bring along cooled things that can lower baby’s temp quick, like chilled teethers and an ice pack for cooling a wet cloth.

10. Know that they may be more restless than usual: Remember — your kids are balls of energy who are used to someone filling their time. Daycare, preschool and school are full of activities and other kids occupying their attention. They will fill that need for attention and busy-ness by relentlessly turning to you for entertainment or even throwing restless tantrums. So, if you get prepared beforehand, you’ll be a step ahead of them and will avoid the drama.

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This post is a collaboration with JOHNSON’S®.

Author: Maddie Bachelder + Roxy Taghavian

Styling + Visual Design: Karen Pham

Photography: Chris Andre