Whether you’re dreaming of an upcoming vacation, you’ve got a major spring break trip just days way or you’re just an avid traveler, you can learn how to take beautiful photos of all of your upcoming adventures today. Marianna Jamadi, professional lifestyle photographer and founder of blog Nomadic Habit (where she shares all of her dreamy travel photos), is here to help you finally take your DSLR camera out of “auto.”



Our newest class in our Tech suite of classes is Intro to Travel Photography, a 30-minute course that will start in the studio and then take you into the field as Marianna teaches you how to:

  • Use DSLR camera settings to shoot in various landscapes.
  • Decide what photography equipment to bring and how to pack.
  • Touch up your photos in Adobe Lightroom with VSCO filters.

You’ll finish the class with newly discovered tips and tricks for globetrotting with your camera, and the skills to capture dreamy moments on your next vacation. I mean, check out these swoon-worthy photos that Marianna took on her recent trip to Kauai, Hawaii.


Photos via Marianna Jamadi of Nomadic Habit

And guess what!? If you enroll today, you’ll get the class for $33 (originally priced at $39). This lower-priced offer will end on 3/22.

And to sweeten the deal, our friends over at Artifact Uprising are giving all Intro To Travel Photography class students a promo code to get 25 FREE prints (a $21.99 value). We’ll send you a code to redeem your prints in early April. Just think how amazing your travel photos will look.


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