In today’s day and age, most of our daily reading is done on screens. Be it laptops, Kindles or iPads, e-reading is no longer just a fad but the norm. And while this way is modern and often convenient, there is something to be said for reading a book in its original form. But although you might buy a book with the intention of passing it on or handing it over to a used bookstore, let’s be honest — chances are it will probably sit in your house gathering dust. So to make that traditional experience a little more ecologically friendly, one publishing company has created a book that you can plant after you’ve finished it.

The book is made by publishing company Pequeño Editor and is titled Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (in English: My Dad Was in the Jungle). The story (aimed at children 8-12) is fittingly about the rainforest and promotes respect for the world surrounding us. After you’re finished reading it you can dig a hole in the backyard, bury it and watch it slowly transform into a tree. To make this possible, the book is made using acid-free paper and ecological ink. It also has jacaranda seeds sprinkled throughout the pages.

This project was brought about as a creative way to introduce to a new idea, and as of now, the book is not super affordable. In fact, the $115 price tag is actually probably a whole lot more than you ever thought you’d pay for something you’re buying with the intention of burying. But keep in mind, this first run was a handmade effort. If plant-friendly books catch on, plans will indubitably be made to produce them more efficiently and affordably. And when that day comes, we’ll have both our reading glasses and watering cans ready.

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(Photo via Ad Weekly)