Trump doesn’t really strike us as a pet guy. But for the last 150 years, the first family has included an animal of some sort. The Obamas have the insanely fluffy Portuguese water dogs Bo and Sunny. The Clintons had Socks the cat and Buddy, a chocolate Labrador. And while Trump has defied tradition in nearly every sense of the word, it seems as though this is one he might end up going with. The Washington Post recently reported that the Trumps are considering adopting a Goldendoodle.

Trump Invitational Grand Prix Mar-a-Lago Club

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Lois Pope, a philanthropist in Palm Beach and longtime acquaintance of Trump, told the Post that “she is in possession of a nine-week-old golden retriever and poodle mix that will soon become the first dog.”

Apparently, Trump told Pope to show Barron (Trump’s 10-year-old son) the puppy. She says Trump told her, “‘He’s going to fall in love with him […] Barron will want him.’” When she showed the pup to Barron, Pope said, “this big smile came over his [Barron’s] face, and it just brought tears to his eyes.” I mean, is there any other kind of reaction when interacting with a fluffy puppy?

Dog portait

The dog’s name is Patton, after the World War II general George Patton. Historian Alan Axelrod once wrote, “For Patton, leadership was never simply about making plans and giving orders, it was about transforming oneself into a symbol.” Patton was also famous for delivering blunt and controversial speeches. So the name seems, uh… fitting for the pup’s potential new owner.

Considering the next for years will be full of presidential addresses and televised events at the White House, we would be much more likely watch if a fluffy pup was in attendance. Just sayin’.

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(Photos via Gustavo Caballero/Getty)