There are a lot of places you can go for Halloween inspiration, and at least one that’s right under your nose — all that must-see TV you’re binge watching on the daily/nightly. As we near October 31st, it’s time to empty out your DVR with a simple goal in mind: finding the perfect costume. To help you along, we pulled together 40 of our favorite TV-inspired Halloween costume ideas, whether you’re trick or treating solo, bringing the group along or have a little one to dress up this year. Here’s a list you would *definitely* DVR.

1. Olivia Pope: This is genius. Make your own couples costume, like this crafty gal who dressed up as Olivia Pope in bed with Fitz. Well played. (via Jason in Hollywood)

2. Modern Family: Sure, it helps if you naturally look JUST like Mitch and Cam, but with a skinny tie, cardi and a bright button down, this couples costume is totally doable. (via Imgur)

3. Bob’s Burgers: This getup is our new favorite group costume… ever. (via Imgur)

4. House of Cards: While you wait for HOC Season 3 to come back to your Roku, go for this punny play on the favorite show. Dressing up as Claire and Frank Underwood isn’t as fun as this, admit it. (via Brit + Co)

5. Breaking Bad: The hazmat suits are one thing, but you get all the king size Snickers if you can pull off that backdrop too! This couple took their love for their fave show to a whole new level with an entire Breaking Bad-inspired engagement shoot that we hope they’re reusing for Halloween. (via Mashable)

6. Baby Breaking Bad: Sure, you and your boo can do the above, but babies as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (complete with rock candy that looks like the hard stuff) is as cute as it gets. (via Buzzfeed)

7. Baby Buster Bluth: Speaking of babies who don’t even KNOW how cute they are; this little loose seal is definitely not a MONSTER! May we also suggest a mother-son costume, Motherboy style? (via Collection of Awesome)

8. Cast of Pretty Little Liars: Got a secret; can you keep it? For the most recognizable look, opt for a classic LBD — but don’t forget to rough yourself up with some dirt (face paint will do too). (via Seventeen)

9. Dylan and Brenda from 90210: If you can find this strapless dress with giant white bow, then you better suit up a dude and rock it. (via I Am Not a Stalker)

10. Daria and Friends: This threesome nailed Trent, Daria and Jane. We can hear the “la la la la la” theme song now. (via SoDespair)

11. Rugrats: This is definitely a more adult take on the classic cartoon we watched as kids. But hey, a baby’s gotta grow up sometime! (via Instagram)

12. I Love Lucy: You can’t fail with a couples costume as classic as this one. Bonus points for those beautiful red curls and Lucy’s signature “Ricky, I want to be in the shoooow,” whine.

13. Orange is the New Black: This Netflix hit is still a huge fan favorite, and this couple went all out to achieve this look, from creating custom-made badges to serious hair transformations (the husband shaved his head to get the look — talk about commitment!). (via Old Town Home)

14. Serena + Blair: Skip the Oscar de la Renta and Chanel and channel these Upper East Side school girls with classic accessories — pearls and a headband for B and a short skirt and loose tie for S. (via People)

15. Addams Family: Get the whole family together for a super sweet group costume or go solo as Wednesday Addams with this YouTuber’s cute costume and makeup tutorial. (via Brian Jackson)

16. The Bundys: The shoe salesman and the crimson-haired bombshell were the ’90s answer to Lucy and Ricky, and we loved their love-hate relationship and the chance to wear spandex and leopard all night. (via On The Blog Bandwagon)

17. Little Pete and Artie: If you can’t nail Pete and Pete, open up to the supporting castmates like this clever duo did. Just be prepared to pose for pix with lots of kids of the ’90s all night long. (via Uproxx)

18. Community: There are costumes that might only work when a fan as big as you sees them and gets it. This is one of those, and we are majorly on board with the commitment to detail as Annie and Jeff in Season 2’s paintball episode. (via Doug Kline)

19. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski: Zack and Kelly are basically the small screen’s version of peanut butter and jelly. White bread, crusts cut off, you’d eat it for lunch everyday if you could.

20. Ja’mie, Private School Girl: Warning: To take on this costume you’ll have to also master Ja’mie’s accent and dance moves, but when you do, you’ll be the quichest girl around. (via DiaryofJake)

21. Mr. Rogers: You can’t beat this cuteness. When we find the perfect hand puppets, we are def saving them to recreate this look! (via Oh Happy Day)

22. Jeopardy: Pay homage to Jeopardy and SNL with this costume (you could even have a friend go as Will Ferrell and Alex Trebek!). Craft a cardboard box and add suspenders for support. (via Uproxx)

23. Double Dare Contestants: OMG. How perfect is this? Especially if you rig your helmets so that they double as drink holders. (via Buzzfeed)

24. Arrested Development: This look is great for a last-minute costume idea. Grab some blue aprons, DIY a Bluth’s banana stand label and wear it with a yellow polo. Don’t forget; there’s always money in the banana stand. (via Imgur)

25. Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funny: Doug Funny — what a guy. And we’re still hoping to be the Patti Mayonnaise of someone’s dreams. (via SheKnows and Pinterest)

26. Mulder and Scully: X-Files fanatic? Or just want to rock a ginger wig for the night? Then this pairing has you and your boo written all over it. (via Perhapablog)

27. Mad Men: Our very own Miss Misty has the perfect hair and makeup tutorials for you to master the Mad Men look. All you need is the perfect ’50s or ’60s vintage frock. (via Brit + Co)

28. Gilligan’s Island: Shipwrecked and styling? Get the fam together for a Gilligan’s Island castaway costume. (via Costume Works)

29. Duck Dynasty: Go a little country with a Duck Dynasty-inspired costume. We love the dog in the adult costume but the little ones as the Duck family are so cute it hurts. Bonus points if you can pull off a deep Southern drawl all night! (via Minimalisti)

30. Big Bang Theory: Embrace your inner brainiac with a Sheldon and Amy costume. We love all the color mashup possibilities in this getup. (via Daily Hit)

31. Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Now that you mention it, this particular cartoon character was always kind of a babe. (via This Is Whatever)

32. Steve Urkel: You can dress simply as a nerd for Halloween, but wouldn’t you rather have an excuse to go around and say “Did I do thaaaaat?” all night? (via Reddit)

33. Hey Arnold: Don’t you just wanna be friends with these guys?

34. Marge Simpson: Spoiler alert: Marge’s hair is made of FLOWERS here and there’s a whole video showing you how to master this insane look. If your friends want to join in as the rest of the Simpsons clan, just pick up some yellow body paint in bulk. (via Mashable)

35. The Walking Dead: Sure, you can buy the costumes in the bag, but we’ll give you a gold star for DIYing every time. This take is a little meta seeing as how one of our favorite TV stars (Sarah Hyland of Modern Fam fame!) went as some of her fave TV. It’s like that TV where you can watch TV inside of the TV, you know? (via Sarah Hyland)

36. Blue’s Clues: Solve mysteries all night long in this Blue and Steve couple costume. You can do anything that you wanna do! (via Uproxx)

37. Dwight Schrute: You don’t have to work for a paper company to pull off this look. With a short-sleeved button-down, drab tie and middle part, you can turn anyone into Dwight Schrute. Extra bonus points if that anyone is a little one. (via Cubicle Refugee)

38. The Fresh Prince and Carlton: If you have the wardrobe, the ‘tude and the dance down, this could be a perfectly executed look. (via Reddit)

39. Daenerys Targaryen: How can you go wrong with a little Khaleesi realness on Halloween? Bring the fierceness as the Mother of Dragons solo or get the crew together for a Game of Thrones group costume sure to slay.

40. Snooki and the Situation: Bring back the hair bump (and the fist pumping) for this mom and kiddy costume that’s cuter than the real cast ever was/could be. (via Bower Power Blog)

Additional reporting by Kim Lane

What TV show have you channeled in “seasons” past and what would you dress up as this year for Halloween? Share with us below!