We’ve seen Facebook undergo tons of changes as we’ve grown up along with it. When it comes to social media, we have grown seriously fond of new outlets for sharing, like Instagram and Snapchat. But, not to our disappointment, Twitter has remained pretty much the same since it was first introduced. But — get ready for it impulse shoppers — their latest update is going to make shopping on the social channel just as easy as RTing your fave comedian’s 140-character funny. They’re adding a “Buy” button that will link tweets about products directly to a checkout page within the app where they can be purchased.

To test out this new idea, a small percentage of U.S. users will see a “Buy” button on their feed in the coming days. The button will take them from a tweet about a product straight to a purchase page that will feature details and fields where shipping and payment information can be entered. That information will then be sent to the designated merchant to be delivered. As a part of this trial period, companies like Burberry and Home Depot, as well as artists like Braid Paisley and Demi Lovato are tweeting up products to be purchased.

This feature is pretty similar to Facebook’s new feature that links ads in your feed directly to purchase pages, but, in typical Twitter style, they, too, seem to make the process super simple. By keeping you within their app or website to check out with your goods, mobile shopping is officially easier than ever. With our next favorite accessory or trendy tee potentially being just one quick push of a button away, we’ll definitely have to work on our #selfcontrol :)

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new feature? Would you purchase items straight from tweets? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!