Don’t kid yourself, even that super soft jersey dress you just bought is nowhere near as comfy as your favorite tee. Our t-shirts just understand us, and their witty phrases and cheeky lines never fail to make us smile. We’ve rounded up 20 of our fave typography tees that were created just to put grins on faces, and we know you’ll be itchin’ to get into one of these quirky picks in no time.

1. Makers Gonna Make ($34): Let’ s kick this off with our absolute fave. This tee just sums up every DIYer, crafter and B + C lover: Makers gonna make!

2. Bonjour ($48): We won’t tell if you don’t actually speak French. You can still say hello to your inner Parisian with this classic red and black shirt.

3. WTF ($15): Sometimes you just have to stop and ask, “WTF?”

4. Go Your Own Way ($30): We can’t help but be reminded of the classic Fleetwood Mac song when we check out this pick. But maybe something that reminds us of a great song makes a great purchase.

5. Holy Chic: Pair this DIY beaded tee with a chic leather skirt and your next concert outfit is made. (via Brit + Co)

6. Wifey ($46): A perfect gift for a newlywed girlfriend! (photo via Instagram)

7. Hashtags ($13): Hashtag talk has basically become a part of our daily language. And while this tee may not stand up to the ranks of JT and Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag banter abilities, it’s definitely still adorable.

8. Crop It ($24): For all you editing pros and Photoshop whizzes out there, this one’s for you.

9. Oh La La ($18): Nautical colors and a cheeky catch phrase… we like.

10. Ivy Leaf Education ($50): Stop it. This sweatshirt is a must-own for all veggie lovers. You’ll never need the Ivy Leagues when you have the “Ivy Leaves.”

11. Amazing ($21): There’s something about large white text on a soft + comfy tee that makes us all happy inside.

12. Love Letter Tee ($64): We love this delicate take on the typography tee — but who doesn’t love Mad Lib and calligraphy?!

13. No Crying in Fashion ($13): Best. Line. Ever. Save the tears, fashionistas.

14. Fantastique ($39): Clearly French words are HUGE in the fashion world right now. We say, “Oui!”

15. Weekend ($58): Loud and proud: We LOVE the weekend.

16. I Woke Up Like This ($13): Remember that feature we did on #NoMakeup selfies? This typography tee is a perfect pick for days like those when you just want to flaunt some of that natural beauty.

17. Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé ($26): Liberty, equality and Queen Bey… we can’t really think of much more you need than that :)

18. Celfie ($24): The classic black and white Celine tee just got a big bad makeover. The selfie has officially gone French and is making a bigger-than-ever debut in the fashion world.

19. Let’s Make Stuff: It’s a common mistake to make (probably ’cause we love making so darn much). (via Studs + Pearls)

20. Oh My Chic ($46): Again with the large, bold print that we can’t get enough of. Chic, indeed!

Which of these typography tees made you smile? What’s the best line you’ve seen on one? Share with us in the comments below or on Facebook!