We’re word nerds. We love seeing typography on our phones, on our necklaces and on the wall. And now, we’re getting wordy with a whole bunch of snarky, silly and charming throw pillows.

1. Hold Me Tight ($49): Squeeze this pillow with all your might.

2. Haters Gonna Hate ($39): Love this pillow design by Jessica Hische. This pillow clearly does whatever the heck it wants.

3. Hustling ($38): Of course, you’re probably not hustling if you’re a pillow… but we won’t judge.

4. Hey Cutie ($39): Ryan Gosling called, he wants his sweet tone back.

5. Be Kind ($39): When in doubt, leave the cynicism at home and just be kind.

6. Can’t Stop ($27): ‘Cause you won’t stop. Even if you’re a pillow.

7. Call Me Maybe ($39): Whoa. We kind of forgot about Carly Rae. But remember when Brit dressed like her for Halloween? ;)

8. Hello ($30): Sequins and typography? We just fell in love with a pillow.

9. Beautiful Day ($20): Love the different fonts and arrow graphic on this springy pillow.

10. Classy ($39): A pillow fit for Ron Burgundy and all the folks keeping it classy in San Diego.

11. Totes Adorbs ($20): OMG, it’s, like, totes adorbsiezzz!

12. Hello Gorgeous ($39): We think Kate Spade would definitely approve. Those micro polka dots are just perfect.

13. Just My Type ($20): Get it?

14. I Blog ($28): The thing is, I’m also a really good rapper ;)

15. Eat More Bacon ($170): It’s never too late for some New Year’s resolutions.

16. New York Boroughs ($98): For ex-New Yorkers like me, this is a good way to keep those boroughs close and cozy.

17. Come At Me Bro ($27): This is equal parts hipster, Pinterest and bromance, all in one pillow.

18. Cuddle Now ($38): And finally, it’s time for some straight up cuddling.

What kinds of accent pillows do you have in your home? Talk to us in the comments below.