Lately it seems that sweets and other Valentine’s Day treats have gotten their gab on with quirky quips and funny catch phrases (Have Mercy!). But don’t think that means the chatter will die once that last slice of conversation heart cake goes down the hatch: these 18 wordy smartphone cases will keep up the trend of catch phrases popping up in unexpected places long after February 14th.

1. You Got it Phone 5/5s Case ($16): Our inner ‘90s child will never die, especially with all of the Full House reunions of late.

2. iPhone 5 Case With Blah Blah Blah Slogan ($15): We do expect you to keep the conversation cordial, but your phone case doesn’t have to be so polite ;)

3. UO Holla iPhone 5/5s Case ($16): Hollering at hotties was never so effortless.

4. Carpe iPhone Case ($35): Sometimes totally uncensored motivation works best.

5. Gosh iPhone 5 Case ($15): Trying to wrap up a convo while you’re paying for your coffee? Wink at the barista and point to your phone for brownie points.

6. UO Boss iPhone 5/5s Case ($16): If hashtags are your second language, then this is the phone case for you, text master.

7. Hustle Case ($28): For those of you who hustle even when you don’t have free nights and weekends.

8. Hello Hello Galaxy S4 Case ($15): This charming smartphone case is a real conversation starter. Literally.

9. Turn It Up iPhone 5 Case ($25): The case every smartphone DJ needs!

10. If Not Now Then When iPhone Case ($35): Will power FTW!

11. Asos iPhone 5 Case With What The ? Slogan ($23): Wait, a 3D word bubble phone case? Your phone just became the most covetable photo booth prop on the planet.

12. Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 Case ($15): Compliments from your phone case? Don’t mind if we do!

13. Free Your Mind iPhone Case ($35): Scrolling through Facebook when you should be catching z’s? This phone case reminds you to set down the screen.

14. Trust Me, You Can Dance iPhone Case ($35): Vodka also suggested you update all of your social media accounts last night, FYI.

15. Get Out of Town Resin Samsung S4 Case ($40): Celebrate spontaneity with this gold and navy smartphone case. Pair with a chic carryall on your next getaway.

16. Baron Von Fancy iPhone 5 Case ($28): Dish the details to your fellow gossip girls in style with this smartphone case. We love its graffiti inspired look.

17. Talk iPhone 5 Case ($25): Invite conversations your way with this social (and super striped!) smartphone case.

18. Neon Lights iPhone Case ($18): A playful phone case for adventurous spirits. We wholeheartedly recommend following this lighthearted advice.

What do you look for in a smartphone case—beautiful design, quirky graphics, or durability? Tell us in the comments below.