These days, you can’t scroll through Pinterest or Instagram without encountering scores of prints and posters baring beautifully scripted affirmations. While we love some inspiring messages, sometimes we want our whimsical calligraphy posters to just tell it like it is. When you’ve heard enough about “reaching for the stars,” turn to these 15 prints. They keep the pretty, but amp up the snark.

1. Dare to Dream Poster ($22): This poster by the talented Linzie Hunter is for all you dreamers out there. You’ll put your dreams into action… after one more nap.

2. There Their They’re Art Print ($10): If you’re tired of playing the grammar police, hang this print up for a (not so) subtle reminder.

3. I Hate Inspirational Quotes Watercolor ($22): Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dressed up in pretty pastel colors and swirly cursive, this print’s biting message cuts deep.

4. The Secret Ingredient Print ($22): Do you have too many chefs in the kitchen, trying to dig up what makes your best recipe, well, the best? Hang this print up to answer their snooping questions.

5. Get Back to Work Poster: Here’s the perfect desktop wallpaper to motivate you on Monday mornings, or at least remind you that dreaming about that trip to Paris won’t make it happen any faster.

6. I Love You a Lot Print ($13): Hey, sometimes the truth hurts. At least Fluffy will be pleased with this message.

7. Always Be Yourself Art Print ($16): This isn’t exactly how we remember the inspirational posters that plastered our middle school walls, but it sounds about right.

8. Too Many Tabs Open Print ($23): On those days when you wish you could just shut down your brain and reboot, this print will speak to you.

9. Awesome Things Will Happen Gold Foil Print ($20): Yes, sometimes you can choose to be happy, as this little gilded poster reminds us in a none-too-gentle tone.

10. This Is It Art Print ($22): Another uninspiring poster from Linzie Hunter prepares you for the let down if things don’t go your way right now. There’s always next time, champ.

11. If I Call You Darling Print ($5): For those versed in the art of getting their way through flattery, bribery or whatever the situation calls for, here’s an homage to you. Pancakes are calling.

12. What Would Beyoncé Do Print ($15): Like you, Beyoncé only has 24 hours in a day. What would she do with them? Follow Queen Bey’s lead.

13. Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy Wall Art ($7): Here’s the perfect excuse for your disorganized work desk. Hang this baby up in your cubicle and no one will question the ketchup stains on your quarterly reports again.

14. Well Why the Hell Not Typography Print ($10): Pretty in pink and sassy to boot? We’ll take three, please. And we dare you to ask us why.

15. As If Print ($16): Short, simple and snarky as all get out, it’s the perfect retort. Paper your walls in this print to pay homage to the most biting two words out there.

Which de-motivational prints will you be hanging up for laughs? Tell us in the comments below!