There’s no doubt about it; words are powerful. Just as easily as your inner critic can bring you down, encouraging speech like positive self-talk and genuine compliments from others can foster good feelings. In fact, research shows that writing down affirmations has proved to boost self-esteem and help a person’s sense of well-being flourish. Read on for 10 powerful sentences that’ll help you channel happy and healthy vibes each day.

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1. I accept and love myself exactly as I am, right now. “Right now” is the key part of this affirmation, as accepting and loving yourself in your current state will empower you to reach your goals while enjoying everything that life has to offer. Delayed gratitude, or waiting until later, may deprive you of joy you can experience in the current moment.

2. I’m grateful for the wonderful things in my life. A little gratitude goes a long way while helping you soak in all of the great things you have going on. This might be especially helpful during tough times, which make it all too easy to dwell on what’s going wrong. To take this affirmation a step further, jot down a few specific things you’re thankful for — even if they’re as small as drinking your coffee at the perfect temperature this morning. You’ll feel instantly uplifted.

3. I exude happiness and positivity. As Michelle Obama tells her daughters, you need to practice what you want to be. Reminding yourself that you do, in fact, vibrate with happiness and positivity is a surefire way to actually do it. In turn, you’ll become even more of a person that people love to be around.

4. Challenges can surface the best in me. Working through some hard stuff? Write this down, recite it, and repeat the exercise. Obstacles can be frustrating, heartbreaking, and worrisome, but wholeheartedly believing that they can help you learn, grow, and show your strength will make a difference in how you cope with them.

5. I’m open to all of the wealth life presents me with. Wealth is so much more than money; it’s good health, a supportive community, an ability to do things, and so much more. Reminding yourself that you’re open to all forms of wealth will help you see that you don’t need to get stuck on something like your salary when there are so many other ways to live a truly rich life.

6. My work makes difference; it matters. Believing in what you do isn’t just essential to doing it well; it’s also super fulfilling to know that how you’re spending your time has a real impact. Repeat this one on days where you’re losing sight of why what you do matters so much. We guarantee it’ll serve up an instant dose of motivation.

7. I’m working on my personal definition of success. What does success mean to you personally? Understand what makes you feel happiest and healthiest and channel your energy and belief into working toward it each day.

8. I’m right where I should be, aligned with the universe. While we all get nostalgic about the past, wish we made different choices, or anticipate the future, feeling present and grounded can bring you a major sense of relief. Knowing that you’re right where you should be can help you feel confident about your choices while inspiring you to make the most of each passing minute in the present.

9. I’m excited to see what today holds. This is one of our favorite affirmations for the morning — after all, you never know what a day may bring! When you live life being excited about what’s to come, you’ll be open to chance meetings, impromptu opportunities, and life-changing surprises.

10. My intuition, experience, and wisdom will lead me in the right direction. Successful women have told us that they trust their gut, which guides them through personal and professional experiences. Know that your authentic and personal blend of feelings and knowledge will take you in the direction you’re meant to go.

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