It can get exhausting to subtly upload that #flawless morning selfie from your commute onto Instagram while simultaneously pretending to work during office hours. Thanks to a new Mac app, the days of filtering + captioning while watching your back may soon be over and your Insta pro era can commence. But there’s a catch.


For social media managers + Insta-famous people alike, Up for Instagram ($2.99) — an Instagram uploader for Mac users — has come to save minutes. With this desktop/laptop app, users can easily get their ready-to-go snaps of any size, shape and image format (even iSight selfies) to followers instantly by dragging, dropping and captioning (no filters here ATM). That’s one way to eliminate the hassle of sending that HD/Photoshopped-to-perfection pic to your phone.


But what about that catch? While we’re all for making our social media sharing easier and more efficient, this app may not live long and could end up being bad Insta-karma for you since it may go against Instagram’s terms of service. The picture-sharing platform recently shut down similar app Uploader for Instagram, claiming that it was violating its terms of service. Currently, Instagram is anti-third-party apps because they want to do whatever they can to cut down spam accounts often encountered with desktop versions of their mobile network — which we’re also for, BTW. Moral of the story: use this hack with caution (or maybe just stick with your phone until there’s an official Instagram desktop app).

Will you be trying out this Insta-hack? Let us know in the comments.