You better believe makers gonna make. So you best be gifting gifts that feel like they’re meant to be as soon as they hit their hand. You probably remember the two DIY-er gift guides we’ve done in the past. They were both pretty rad (if we do say so ourselves). But if you’ve already gifted all the Brit Kits and Inkodye your friends can handle, it’s time to show your love for their creative prowess with a new batch of gifts just for your favorite V-Day makers.

1. Wild Turkey Piñata Kit ($64): Are you being selfish when you give a do-it-yourself piñata? Most definitely. If all goes well, your friend will invite you over for the fun and games. If all goes extremely well, your friend will have filled it with a mini bar of plastic booze bottles.

2. Makers Gonna Make Tattly ($6): Makers are proud people, as they should be. Let them flaunt what they do and who they are with a temporary tattoo. It’s a good way to test drive a more permanent piece of skin art.

3. Kombucha Brooklyn Home Brew Super Kit ($70): Got a pal who’s spending $5 a day to get their ‘buch fix? Put this in the hands of a hands-on person, and they’ll be brewing up the good stuff in no time. And since you were so thoughtful, who knows? They might even gift you with some of their very own home brew.

4. Almond Milk Making Kit ($29): Whether your friend and dairy just don’t play nice or they simply like a good nut drink, this will get them feeling like real down-home makers.

5. Bronze Belt Buckle Kit ($110): What happens here is your pal carves their one-of-a-kind design into wax, sends the wax out to be casted in museum-quality bronze (seriously, it’s that high quality), and then one happy day, the best belt buckle this side of Texas shows up in their mailbox.

6. S’mores Kit ($18): Nothing says love like flaming ‘mallows for the two of you to roast over an open fire, then smoosh between a pair of homemade grahams.

7. Bow and Drape Sweatshirts ($68): We cannot shut up about Bow and Drape. The reasons should be obvious. Gift one of these dandies, and your paramour won’t be able to quit about them either.

8. Homemade Gin ($50): Sick of your friend always trying to make you drink their bathtub swill? (Umm, can we be friends with that friend?) Upgrade them to a fancy-bottled gin! (P.S. More DIY booze kits here!)

9. Flower Recipe Necessaries ($65): If your friend is like most of us here at Brit + Co., learning floral design is high on their list of things they want to conquer in their lifetime. Added bonus: They can make their very own V-day bouquet for themselves… or for you.

10. Creativity Apps: Giving someone an iTunes card might seem like a major cop-out, but if you pair it with a list of creativity apps or apps that make their food photos look better, we have no doubt they’ll be showering with hugs and kissing. And lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Skillshare Jewelry Making Class ($19): Online education is the bomb. Skillshare offers loads of classes for makers. We’re partial to this jewelry making class, probably because it’s taught by Brit herself.

12. Love Is Art Kit ($65): And for those who need to be making art even while making… you know, here’s a sheet canvas and some paint. Get wild.

13. Valentine’s Themed Chocolate Pretzel Kit ($22): We’re huge fans of Fatty Sundays pretzel rods… which might be why we keep a huge supply on hand at Brit + Co SF. For a limited time, HowAboutWe is offering an exclusive kit of DIY salty sticks in V-day colors for you and your loved one to do at home.

14. LomoKino ($67): And for you analog pal who likes to make a throwback off-the-wall vid from time to time, there’s Lomography’s super hip 35mm movie maker.

15. FlipBooKit ($50): Flipbooks are fun. Like super fun. If you know someone with a knack for making them, this is a way they can display their creations on their wall at home as a sort of art installation. Or… you can make them one by following our simple tutorial!

What will you be giving the special maker in your life? Let us know in the comments below!