Regardless how hot your little red dress is for Valentine’s Day, you just can’t nail the picture-perfect look without a killer mani. I mean, can you think of another major holiday that revolves so much around hand holding? So prime your digits by busting out your fave pink and red hues and brace your nails for the slew of flirty heart designs they’re destined to flash before February 14th: we’ve got 20 Valentine’s Day manis you’ll definitely fall hard for.

1. White Heart Nails: A classic red mani is fabulous, but one that’s amped up with white hearts is seriously hard to beat. Grab yourself a handy nail art pen to get the look. (via Julie Ann Art)

2. Nude and Neon Hearts: What a modern way to rock a nude mani! Those two-toned neon hearts are electrifying. (via So Nailicious)

3. Girly and Gilded Mix and Match: Why decide on one awesome nail look when you can wear TEN AT ONCE? Sleek nail wraps and jewel embellishments are a playful way to break up properly polished tips. (via Chalkboard Nails)

4. Pink French Manicure: Even without any hearts or arrows, this hot pink mani is unmistakably fit for Valentine’s Day. The angled gradients are absolutely eye catching. (via So Nailicious)

5. Hot Red With Lace: Here’s another awesome way to trick out a traditional red mani. Lace print nail decals add an intricate touch to the bold allover color. (via Live Life Beautifully)

6. Hearts and Bows Nail Art: Have a hot date somewhere super formal? Make sure your nails dress up too! The red, gold, and black bow tie design is too freakin’ cute. (via Small Good Things)

7. Heart Tipped Nails: It just takes three brush strokes to get this flirty take on a French mani. Add gold glitter to a nail or two to take it up a notch. (via …love Maegan)

8. Pink and Red Color Block Nails: These color block nails are clean, modern, and totally fine to wear way beyond Valentine’s Day. Who knows? It might even become your go-to Spring nail art! (via Isla Everywhere)

9. Valentine’s Nails: WHAT! These heart candy-inspired nails are insane! We think we found what nail art design we’re rockin’ on this year’s big night out. (via Miss KL Blog)

10. Pink Glitter Nails: This might be the dreamiest V-day nail art design we’ve set eyes on. It’s safe to say that we’re in love with the combo of blush polish and gold glittery half moons. (via Born in 82)

11. Tainted Love Valentine’s Nails: Here’s a look for all you anti-Valentine’s dudettess out there: the appropriately named “Tainted Love” mani. The pretty peach base coat keeps the black hearts from being completely goth. (via So Nailicious)

12. Blue Violet Hearts: While we hope your actual Valentine’s Day is as far from blue as it can be, we do hope you mix up the expected color palette with this vibrant violet polish, you wild thing, you! (via Pshiiit)

13. Holiday Nails: Could you blame us for bringing this glittery holiday mani back into the mix? There might not be a more posh design out there. (via Wonderfrost)

14. Sparkle and Faux Lace Nails: Ace a faux lace effect on your nails by using scraps of the real deal as a stencil. Yet another genius nail art design from Maegan Tintari! (via …love Maegan)

15. Handpainted Hearts: We’re nuts about this festive take on ombre nails. Learn a fuss-free way to freehand each of these floating hearts. (via Ink + Adventure)

16. Pink and Neon Yellow Triangle Tips: Sometimes, you can’t take the geo out of the girl, no matter what the occasion ;) Get a terrific tribal look with this pink and gold mani that would look dashing with a long sleeved maxi. (via Lana Red Studio)

17. Ombre Nails: Embrace double digits with this vibrant ombre mani. We’d wear any of those nail polish shades as lip stick colors in an instant! (via Miss Renaissance)

18. Dot to Dot Nails: We love how bold black dots pop against this mellow orchid polish. It turns the dainty ballerina nail into something much hipper. (via Glamour)

19. Nail Stencils: Who needs paper Valentines when you can stencil love notes on your nails? We’re obsessed! (via Lipstick Powder and Paint)

20. Heart Balloons: It’s true: you can nail this quirky balloon design in four easy steps. Be sure to peek at the three other must-try nail art designs this blogger created especially for Valentine’s Day! (via Gillty Pleasure)

Seen any awesome Valentine’s Day nail art recently? What designs are you planning for your digits? Tell us in the comments below.