Whether you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day with a long-time love, a brand new bae or your ride-or-die #squad, you definitely don’t want to spend hours trying to achieve the perfect date-night ‘do. This year, skip the hair stress and set the mood with an effortless coif that’s both sexy and easy to create. To help you choose a swoon-worthy style, we’ve enlisted the help of top celebrity hair pros. Here, they spill their favorite, romance-ready looks that can be crafted in just five simple steps. Throw on your favorite little red dress and let the (minimal) primping begin!



“When your hair has some waves or Hollywood glamour to it, it’s automatically romantic and you’re instantly ready for date night,” says coif connoisseur Jennifer Yepez, who’s created this look on stars like Sara Sampaio and Gigi Hadid. “For Valentine’s Day, I like sexy ‘Veronica Lake’ waves — and you can always switch up the wave, or your part, depending on the event and your wardrobe.”

1. Spritz damp hair with a heat-protecting spray and apply both a root-lifting mist and a volumizing mousse.

2. Rough dry the hair and smooth out the ends with a medium-size brush. Once the hair is fully dried, create a side part.

3. Wrap small sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron, making sure to curl downward. After each curl is crafted, pin it down with a bobby pin and repeat throughout the whole head.

4. Let the hair set for at least five minutes, then remove all the clips and use a boar-bristle brush to smooth the waves from root to tip.

5. Spritz a small teasing brush with finishing spray and run it through your tresses to tame any flyaways, then set the look with a light-hold hairspray.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Have fun with your hair and remember that not everyone’s hair is the same, so it’s OKAY if you create a slightly different look than your inspiration,” dishes Yepez. “Also, choose your outfit and then choose your hair and makeup.”



“One of my favorite Valentine’s Day hair looks is the faux bob because it’s fun, it’s a bit whimsical and it’s glamorous,” says mane-man Larry Sims, who’s crafted this coif on Gabrielle Union and Zendaya. “It’s the perfect look for the everyday woman. Plus, this style is like giving yourself a hair makeover without actually committing to cutting your hair and it works with any hair texture.”

1. Coat tresses with a heat-protectant spray and choose your part (either middle or side).

2. Wrap hair around a 1/4-inch wand, curling from root to tip and making sure to alternate the direction of each curl.

3. Once the hair is curled, brush tresses with a natural, boar-bristle brush to add volume and texture.

4. After the curls are brushed out, create a “foundation” by using the same brush to backcomb hair from mid-strand to the root.

5. Gather strands from the bottom and push them up toward the foundation, then secure the hair with pins around the entire neckline. Don’t forget to set the look with a glossy hairspray for a touchable finish.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Don’t be afraid to bling-up your hair,” exclaims Sims. “You can add a really great brooch or headband to brighten up any hairstyle. And be sure to treat yourself! This Valentine’s Day, take your hair on a spa day and give it lasting, deep conditioning treatments.”



“Your hair is the frame of your face and also your best accessory, so I love when women dial it up a notch for Valentine’s Day,” says hair pro Gina Guercia, who works with stars like Kelly Ripa, Whitney Port and Hannah Davis. “Braids are my favorite because even the simplest one can transform your look in a flash. They take your style from day to night and they’re a guaranteed conversation starter.”

1. Wrap hair around a one-inch curling wand, only curling from mid-shaft down to the ends.

2. Create a deep side part and section off the area of hair you’re going to braid. Then, add in some styling paste for added texture and hold.

3. Start braiding from the back of the part-line — adding sections only from the side of the part into the braid. Pro Tip: Think of it like a standard French braid but you’re only adding hair to one side.

4. When you reach the front, stop adding hair to the braid but continue with a standard, three-strand plait until you reach the end.

5. Secure with an elastic and drag the braid down in the opposite direction to create a triangle shape. Pin the end to secure and add in hair jewelry to take this look from daytime chic to nighttime glam.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Use dry shampoo to refresh your hat head and follow with a dry-conditioner spray to refresh your style and give hair an instant shine boost,” suggests Guercia.



“This style is so easy and fast, but it’s still so chic,” dishes hair guru Derek Yuen, who beautifies stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jaime King and Laverne Cox. “This look can be done on fine-to-thick hair and it’s perfect for any length. It’s great to sometimes just pull the hair back and away from the face and to put more focus on the makeup. It’s also ideal if you have a dress with an intricate or high neckline, since you don’t want the hair to block those details.”

1. Use a comb and determine your part, then brush all the hair back into a ponytail that falls at the nape (or a little lower).

2. Spray strands with hairspray and lightly brush through to clean up any flyaways or frizz.

3. Once the ponytail is secured, start twisting until it starts to twist itself and forms a small bun.

4. Hold the bun in place and secure with matte hairpins all around the base. Spritz once again with hairspray and pin any left-out pieces with pins for a clean finish.

5. Use a soft-hold gel or cream around the front and top to finish. This will add shine and help keep the style in place.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Use fewer products than you think you need, so that your hair still feels touchable and effortless,” shares Yuen. “You can always layer more on top if you need.”



“This romantic style keeps hair out of your face for all the drinking, eating and kissing that happens on date night,” says star stylist Tippi Shorter, who works her mane magic on celebs like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga. “This half-back coif also keeps your look fresh and fun.”

1. Apply a root-lifting spray and a heat-protectant cream to damp strands before blow drying smooth with a round brush. Then, curl strands with a large-barrel iron.

2. Once hair is curled, separate tresses from front to back — parting ear to ear throughout the crown.

3. Clip the back section (so hair is out of the way) and loosely gather the front section into a secure ponytail at the center of the crown.

4. Gently backcomb the ponytail with fingers and wrap hair around the base to create a tousled bun. Secure with pins.

5. Release the back of the hair and spritz locks with shine spray to finish the look.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Keep a glam headband in your purse because after a night of eating and drinking, this will be your hair savior,” spills Shorter. “You can also pour a touch of gold body dust into your shine spray for a glistening touch.”



“I love this style because, for Valentine’s Day, hair should be a little extra-special, but it shouldn’t look like you tried too hard,” says hair guru Tyler Colton, who’s star clientele includes Katharine McPhee, Christina Perri and Nina Dobrev. “The perfect hair is hair that is perfectly imperfect! This style allows a woman to pull her hair back while still looking fresh and modern.”

1. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose waves, then brush out the curls and create a deep side part.

2. Apply a smoothing cream to tame frizz and polish the ends. Sweep hair over to the nape of your neck (on the opposite side of the part).

3. Gather all the hair and slowly twist tresses into a side-angle chignon before pinning in place. Remember, this does not need to be perfect. It’s OKAY to let pieces fall slightly out of the twist.

4. Once the hair is pinned into place, gently loosen the chignon and pull out a few pieces from the front. Pro Tip: Think of the pieces framing the face as more flyaway strands versus chunks of hair.

5. Use a flexible-hold hairspray to set the style into place, but be sure not to over spray!

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Choose a style you feel comfortable wearing and keep your look playful and fun,” adds the Serge Normant Salon stylist.



“This style is great for date night because it’s clean, polished and has a bit of bling,” says celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa, who’s crafted this unique silhouette on Jamie Chung. “It’s also great for rough weather, so if you’re caught in a snowstorm and throwing a scarf over your head, this is the perfect style for looking gorgeous all night long.”

1. Prep damp hair with mousse and leave-in conditioner, then blow dry smooth.

2. Once hair is dry, wrap small sections around a medium-size curling iron from mid-length to ends to create cool, relaxed waves.

3. Weave a small braid behind each ear and pull both horizontally across the back of the head, tucking the ends under and pinning in place.

4. Drape a beaded headband (or necklace) over the braids and secure with bobby pins.

5. Spritz hair with an anti-humidity, light-hold hairspray to finish the look.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Try something new,” adds the Beachwaver founder. “Adding an accessory will always glam up your look. Also, to make your curls last longer, pin them up with clips and allow them to cool while you do your makeup.”



“Valentine’s Day is a time to get extra dolled up and there are so many styles to choose from that are all equally chic and cool. But you can’t go wrong with a sexy, high ponytail,” says celebrity hair goddess Kylee Heath, who’s clientele includes Sofia Vergara, Diane Kruger and Jessica Biel. “A ponytail is also the perfect transition from a fresh blowout. After you get a blowout Friday night, you can pull your hair up into the perfect ponytail on Saturday.”

1. Apply heat protectant to damp hair and rough dry tresses. Then blow dry the hair smooth using a round brush to create volume and shine.

2. Section off the front-left and front-right sections and clip them up out of the way.

3. Pull the back section into a high ponytail. Release the front clipped sections and join them with the ponytail, then secure with an elastic.

4. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to hide it.

5. Add some texture to the ponytail by wrapping tresses around a curling wand. Finish the look by lightly teasing hair and spritzing the pony with a volumizing shine spray.

DATE NIGHT MUST-DO: “Switch it up,” exclaims Heath. “If you are someone who rocks a middle part or no defined part, try a strong, deep side part. Or, if you wear a side part, try a strong center part and tuck your hair behind your ears, leaving your part slick and your texture wild. It might take some getting used to, but I promise you’ll get compliments.”


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