There are limited options when it comes to styling up your beach trip. Sure, there are a plethora of great bags to rotate through, and you can do all sorts of pretty stuff to your hair to make it nicer, but other than that, you got your suit and your ‘screen and you’re good to go… right?

Wrong. You’re forgetting something — that sad excuse for a sand catcher that you’re currently curled up on.

Europeans know how to vacation better than anyone else, which is probably why Portuguese company Vertty figured out how to reinvent the beach towel. Instead of a typical rectangle, this towel is angular and color blocked in a sophisticated design.

It looks like a print you’d see for sale in a museum gift shop. Snob Essentials reports that the towel is larger but lighter than most others, and that it’s made of a special fabric that dries quickly and wicks sand. It also has a protective, waterproof pocket for your smartphone. And did we mention it looks cool? Because it looks really cool. And the $90 pricetag is doable thanks to the teeny weeny price on that equally teeny bikini you just scored on sale.

Would you splurge for this statement-making towel?