If you think about it, those looping videos of adorable puppies are prime viewing for kids, but for every adorable Vine, there are bits of questionable content that you鈥檇 rather not have your pre-PG-13 kiddo scrolling through. So, it was about time Vine came out with Vine Kids. It鈥檚 recommended for ages 5 and under, and no, your li鈥檒 one doesn鈥檛 need a Facebook account (or any account) to Vine the day away free of creepers.


They can swipe left or right to see a new looped video, and when they tap on the screen, they鈥檒l hear interactive noises. Beyond that, they鈥檒l see animations, adorable animals and even some Sesame Street characters. With swipe-triggered entertainment on screen, your kid can stay occupied on road trips or while waiting in the doctor鈥檚 office.


During Hack Week, two people at Vine had the idea for a G-rated video app for kids. A bit of coding later, and blammo! You can have it for yourself. Who knows? Maybe InstaKid or Kid Tweets will be next. We鈥檙e totally copyrighting those names, btw. You can download Vine Kids on the App Store for free.

What characters would you like to see on Vine Kids? Let us know in the comments!