Ever wish you could make pictures that look like the ones on the front pages of the newspapers in Harry Potter? Well, now you kinda can with an app called PHHHOTO. PHHHOTO is free and pretty easy to use, especially if you’re an adept selfie-taker. Using your camera, it creates super short, gif-like, looping videos, perfectly suited for Instagram and Tumblr. We featured it in the BritList way back when it launched, but its recent updates resurfaced the app on our radars/phones.

Here’s how it works: Open the app. Point it at something that’s moving. Your face. Your dog. The ocean. Whatever catches your eye. PHHHOTO then makes it into a contiguously looping gif to add some texture to your feeds. It’s super addictive, and once you get the hang of it (the exposure time is SUPER short), it’s very easy to use.

Throwing a party? Even better! Contact PHHHOTO Pro, a photobooth for hire that creates these images for your guests. Think of how rad that’d be, as a hack to the classic wedding photo booth. Just add some props, and basically you’ve got the best photobooth everrrrr.

The only real drag is that you can’t just share with one person via text message unless they’re signed up, too. Whatever creation you’ve just made has to be shared via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. It’s a smart move for PHHHOTO’s growth to create incentive to share in your social network, but it does mean that until all your besties download it (and it’s still pretty new), you’re stuck sharing it to everyone.

So? What is your first PHHHOTO going to be of? Post it in the comments below!