There are so many great things about the Olympics (cue that epic theme song): those adorable Olympic uniforms , getting together with friends for an Olympics party and, apparently, debuts of the latest and coolest gadgets.

XXXX on Thursday, June 2, 2016, in New York. (Charles Sykes/AP Images for VISA)

Visa is introducing a rad ring, capable of making payments just like a credit card, this summer at the Rio 2016 games. They鈥檙e waterproof and don鈥檛 require any battery or charging 鈥 perfect for Olympians who need to buy something immediately after completing the 400-meter breaststroke.

The rings work with NFC (Near Field Communication), the technology at work behind Apple Pay and those swipe-less credit cards. It鈥檚 also super safe. It works with a 鈥渢oken鈥 system that encodes the wearer鈥檚 credit card information. According to Visa, it is the world鈥檚 first 鈥渢okenized payment ring.鈥 And on top of all the tech, the ring is a wearable we would actually wear. It鈥檚 a simple design that would look good on any hand.

So, here鈥檚 a teeny tiny catch. At the moment, the Visa Payment Ring is only for the 45 Team Visa Olympic athletes, a spokesperson for Visa told us. However, don鈥檛 give up hope yet: This is being used as a trial period that will 鈥渉elp inform any next steps.鈥 Does this mean a credit card ring could totally be in your future? Affirmative, yo.

The payment rings will start working down in Rio when the games start on August 5.

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(Photo via Visa )