Getting out of bed in the morning is not easy. We’ve talked a lot about alarm clocks and alarm clock apps here on Brit + Co. But hitting the snooze button and drifting back off to sleep is way, way too easy. And while there are a couple of alarm clocks on the market that make you actually get out of bed to turn them off, the same can’t be achieved with the ease-of-use of your smartphone alarm. Or can it?

There are two apps, with incredibly (and confusingly) similar names, that’ll do exactly that. Basically they both make you walk to wake up: take a certain amount of steps, determined by your smartphone’s accelerometer to turn off the alarm.

The iPhone version of this, called Walk Up!, lets you set the number of steps you require to wake up, up to 100! It’s also pretty good at determining if you’re trying to cheat by shaking the phone and won’t register the steps. The alarms for the basic version consist of a choice between a man’s or a woman’s screams. That’ll definitely jolt you out of bed! We think you might only want to use this if you sleep alone — one morning of the bloodcurdling screams might annoy your partner a bit. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the premium version, which offers less terrifying but equally annoying alarm options.

For Android users, there’s the Walk Me Up! app. This is very similar to the Walk Up! app — you can still set the number of steps required and use all the regular features you would expect from an alarm clock. The biggest difference is the option to set the alarm to vibrate, which is great if you share a bed and don’t want to wake your partner. Also if you try to cheat on this one, it’ll reset your counter and make you start again.

Would you use one of these apps to get out of bed in the morning? What alarm clock app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.