Love your DIY temporary wallpaper and ready to take your home makeover to the next level? Wall stencils are a great way to bring color and pattern into your home without splurging on expensive (and hard to remove) wallpaper. And for you, our glossy interiors loving friends, we’ve found the most gorgeous, fun wall stencils from exotic ikats to crisp geometric prints. Now, let’s get decorating….

1. Mexican Otomi Pattern Wall Stencil ($44) This traditional print is so fun and playful! Perfect for a kitchen or a child’s room, it adds a touch of whimsy and color to any wall.

2. DIY Polka Dot Stencil: There’s no reason not to add colorful dots to your wall, and there’s no reason you can’t DIY this stencil. (via +Tuts)

3. Small Ikat Wall Stencil($47) Painted in a bright, fun color this exotic print takes on a modern, fun feel.

4. Geometric Wall Stencil ($30) This subtle, elegant stencil gives just a hint of texture to any colored wall. Also perfect for stencil-phobes, this design is easy to paint.

5. Moroccan Wall Stencil ($45) The bold, clean lines of this traditional mediterranean print are perfect for turning an awkward corner or unused space into an exotic show piece!

6. Ikat Bukhara Wall Stencil ($47) The ample white space in this Ikat give the print a more country, casual feel.

7. Hexagon Wall Stencil ($34) This geometric print is so perfectly mid-century modern. The extreme contrast between the plum and chartreuse adds luxury and drama to the very simple stencil design.

8. Ikat Wall Stencil ($34) This bright, fun, simple ikat in bright contrast makes for a bright, dramatic wall.

9. Herringbone Shuffle ($35) On an average day, we don’t think we’d call herringbone hip. But when you’re looking at this wall, your day isn’t average.

10. DIY Custom Wall: Leave it to Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess to take something that’s so passé and make it modern day. Giddy up, girls. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Have you stenciled your walls lately? Let us know what looks you’re loving in the comments below!