You’ve already added a Hygge element to your home, your dinner and your closet, but what about your drinks? Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), the trendy Danish lifestyle and decor craze that’s all about coziness, is a natural fit for hot cocoa, tea and more warm beverages. But don’t take our word for it — try these 24 recipes yourself, and see just how easy it is to appreciate all that winter has to offer.


1. Ginger Beet Root Latte: Pink drinks always make us smile, but this one’s extra special. It’s colored naturally, with beet powder, then flavored with ginger for an herbal beverage that will soothe your soul. (via Unrefined RD)


2. Himalayan Salt Butter Tea: Think of this drink as tea’s answer to bulletproof coffee. Pu-erh tea is enriched with butter, salt, sugar and milk for a creamy drink that will brace you against the cold of winter. (via Thirsty for Tea)


3. Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte: Stay cozy inside while this gingerbread latte simmers away in the slow cooker, then spend the day giving yourself as many refills as your heart desires. (via Sincerely, Jaime)


4. Salted Peanut Butter Cookie Lattes: Cookies are always better when they’re dunked into something. This latte gives you the best of both worlds, making a drink that tastes like the cookie itself. (via Spices in My DNA)


5. Vegan Chai Latte: Creamy, spicy and sweetened with maple syrup, this cold-weather beverage is just what we want to sip when the wind is howling outside. (via Eating by Elaine)


6. Easy Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte: Pumpkin spice hysteria kicks off in August and fades before it really gets cold, which we think is a travesty. This year, enjoy pumpkin spice in the form of this chai latte while you’re bundled up against the snow. (via Good Life Eats)


7. Slow Cooker White Chocolate Cinnamon Lattes: Hot cocoa may be the classic, but white chocolate deserves a little more time in center stage. It’s sweet, indulgent and set off by just a hint of cinnamon in this convenient slow cooker recipe. (via Old House to New Home)


8. Hojicha Cinnamon Latte: Cinnamon gives the green tea latte the extra kick it needs to really keep you warm, no matter what old man winter throws your way. (via Thirsty for Tea)


9. Lavender Latte: Lavender may remind you of spring, but it’s especially relaxing in the colder months too. Steep culinary-grade lavender in milk, then mix it with instant coffee to make this surprisingly easy, elegant latte. (via Blondie-ish at Kitchen)


10. Sipping Caramel: If you’re the type who orders caramel apples at the fair with no intention of actually eating the apple inside, this one’s for you. Thick and rich, this sipping caramel is everything you want a warm winter drink to be. (via Mary’s Making)


11. Chamomile Spiced Apple Cider: This caffeine-free beverage is just the thing to help you sleep. It combines chamomile tea with apple cider, to help calm you at the end of a long day. (via Reclaiming Yesterday)


12. White Hot Chocolate With Bourbon Barrel Stout Marshmallows: White hot chocolate sounds amazing, yes. But what really sets this drink off are the fluffy, homemade bourbon barrel stout marshmallows. (via Beer Girl Cooks)


13. Toasty Turmeric Tonic: If you love juicing, you’ll go wild for this drink. It’s a warm turmeric and carrot juice tonic, the perfect solution on cold days when you just don’t feel like pounding an icy smoothie. (via Pine and Crave)


14. Paleo Cinnamon Roll Latte: One of the hardest parts of a paleo diet is swearing off the sweets you used to love. This dairy-free paleo cinnamon roll latte helps take the edge off, so you can enjoy the flavors you love without sacrificing your dietary principles. (via Easy GF Recipe)


15. Blackberry Hot Chocolate: Berries and chocolate are a combo we never get tired of. Here, blackberries are whisked into hot chocolate for a unique drink you’ll find yourself making again and again. (via Little Sugar Snaps)


16. Matcha Honey Hot Chocolate: Matcha can sometimes taste bitter, but this drink combats it in a few different ways. Honey, toasted marshmallows and white chocolate help temper the matcha, for a pretty green drink that’s as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious. (via How Sweet It Is)


17. Sea Salt Caramel Mocha: Dessert lovers, welcome to beverage paradise. Loaded with the flavors of sea salt, caramel and chocolate, this mocha is not for the faint of heart. (via Strawberry Blondie Kitchen)


18. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate: This red velvet hot chocolate is surprisingly healthy. It uses beets to get its divine red color, but still tastes as indulgent as something with more artificial ingredients. (via Occasionally Eggs)


19. Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate isn’t just for kids. This recipe ups the ante with a splash of bourbon for adults who like their cocoa with a little kick. (via A Cookie Named Desire)


20. Macadamia Mexican Hot Chocolate: Rich macadamia milk is the base of this hot cocoa. It’s further jazzed up with a pinch of cinnamon, for a complex beverage you’ll want to slowly sip, not chug. (via May I Have the Recipe)


21. Bulletproof Rooibos Cardamom Blender Latte: This rich tea latte is so hearty, you can probably skip breakfast. It’s a blend of rooibos tea, almond butter, coconut oil and butter, along with a pinch of sea salt and cardamom to help cut through the richness. (via Nyssa’s Kitchen)


22. Nutella Mocha Lattes: There’s nothing that doesn’t improve with a healthy dollop of Nutella. These nutty mocha lattes are proof of that, and so much more refined than shoveling it into your mouth with a spoon. (via The Girl on Bloor)


23. Butterfinger Hot Cocoa: Save time by combining dessert and a drink into one beverage. This cocoa tastes just like a Butterfinger bar, with the added benefit of making you feel warm and cozy inside. (via Lemons for Lulu)


24. Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte: If you want to make a drink feel fancier, just add rose. These earl grey tea lattes are fit for a queen, thanks to a generous sprinkle of rose petals in the brew. (via Honestly Yum)

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