There were so many reasons to love the Tony’s last night, but one of them has to be the Netflix Emmy ads from the crew over at Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Featuring the beloved Titus Andromedon (played by the super amazing Tituss Burgess) auditioning for the Broadway powerhouse, Hamilton, it’s just too funny to believe. Seriously, get ready to belly laugh your butt off!

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With not one but two amazing mini-clips (one of the final product and the second showing us OMG outtakes), we get to see Titus in all of his glory. Auditioning for rapping Alexander Hamilton, he explains, “Now, I’ve not actually been able to get tickets to Hamilton and no audition material has been made available to me, shady…” But don’t worry, he gets it. “Rap, rap, rappy, rap, this is me rapping.” Cue ALL of the laughs! Seriously, can’t even handle when he shakes out that wig.

The short vids were made to encourage Emmy voters to give the show, which stars Tituss along with Ellie Kemper and Tony nominee Jane Krakowski, a nod when they hand in their nomination ballots today, and with the reaction the ads are receiving, they might have done the trick.

Watch, squee, try not to cry because you’re laughing so hard and share with all your friends who need a good smile today.

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(h/t International Business Times, photos via Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)