Get ready to finally learn how to create pretty hand lettering like you’ve been eyeing up on Instagram! Here to teach you how to do so is brush calligrapher and watercolor artist Nicole Miyuki Santo.

Called water brush lettering, you’ll combine watercolor and lettering to master a lettering style that’s wildly popular (and gorgeous!).


So make sure to sign up for our class with Nicole. In her fun course, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create that brush-lettering style and take a sketched concept to a finalized design.
  2. Combine letters into words and define your own unique style.
  3. Blend colors to create ombre lettering to add some jazz to your designs.


You’ll get exclusive access to a 10-page workbook that Nicole created just for her students. This download provides you with practice sheets that include an alphabet and lettering guides, grid sheets and examples of lettering quote designs.


To make it easy, we’ve even made your shopping list for you with the materials you’ll need in class!


So what are you waiting for? Take our Water Brush Lettering Online Class today!

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