Didn’t make it to Re:Make SF this year? Well, we’ve got a surprise for you. We’re taking one of the crowd’s very favorite make stations and turning it into a project you can do at home! We teamed up with Hallmark to show folks how to create their own hand lettered watercolor wall art, and now we’ve got a trio of printable templates that’ll let you do the very same thing. Offline and online DIY FTW!

What we loved about this project is that everyone’s results looked totally different. Even though everyone is working from the same template, the possibilities for creativity and improvisation are pretty darn endless.

With the right templates and an obsession with color, there’s no wrong way to make them your own.


– printable templates (download here)

– watercolors

– card stock or watercolor paper (has to work in a printer)


– printer

– paint brushes

Don’t you love a project with minimal materials? Get yourself a watercolor palette with all your favorite hues, and you’re halfway there.

As we mentioned, the key to this project is these awesome printable templates created by lettering artist and Studio INK designer Amber Goodvin.

In case you’re not familiar, Studio INK is a curated collection of modern, quirky, beautiful cards created by a whole bunch of incredible artists and designers. What’s super cool about this collection is the fact that you can order real cards OR send free digital ones via social media. So cool. Got your eye on some of those textured wooden and piñata-topped cards? Check out Hallmark’s Signature Collection for more unusual cards and stationery.

Now, let’s get painting!

We started with the Happy Template. Simply fill in the letters with colors you like, and add your own design to the space that surrounds the lettering. We went with stripes that matched the color scheme of the letters.


Next, the Make Life Beautiful Template. We have to admit — this one is our favorite! We love all the geometric shapes involved, and how many colors you can pack into one piece without getting too busy.

Challenge accepted.

We also scaled down the Happy Template to create a postcard version. Who doesn’t love a piece of snail mail that isn’t a wedding, rehearsal dinner or baby shower invitation? I mean, we love those too… but it’s nice to mix things up ;)

Lastly, we took the Grid Template and freestyled our own hand lettering inspired by our forever-man-muse, Ryan Gosling.

Heyyyy girl ;)

Voila. All the pieces we created — in a matter of minutes!

Be sure to check out Studio INK for more quirky and cool cards like this — and feel free to send one to us here at Brit HQ!

You can also share your creations at #sharehallmark and #thinkmakeshare on Twitter and Instagram. And to see more work from Hallmark’s creative community, check out their blog, www.thinkmakeshareblog.com

Have you done any hand lettering on your own? Would you like to learn more about it? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Hallmark.