Watercolor paintings from photos? Really? We know. This sounds like an app that will make you a hotel painting artist in no time, but we promise it’s not quite that cheesy. Hot on the artistic apps scene is Waterlogue, an iOS app that can turn any of your photos into a watercolor style work of art.

Cleverly described as “photography, distilled,” Waterlogue ($2.99 on iOS) is actually pretty amazing. We’ve seen other apps that turn photos into art, but they all do it in a pretty dialed down fashion. Replacing key elements of someone’s face with blobs of color that don’t read at all, and the like. This app, however, seems like it was made by actual watercolor artists, and recognizes the nuances that make a piece of watercolor art beautiful.

Fence or not, we tried out lots of different photos with this app. Here are the results!